25 Sep 2015

Need For Speed [2014 USA BrRip 1080p YIFY 1950 MB Google Drive]

Need For Speed [2014 USA BrRip 1080p YIFY 1950 MB Google Drive]

Durasi: 132 Minutes Genre: Action, Crime, Drama Rating IMDB: 6,8 dari 10

Label: Recent, WesternMovie, Need For Speed, USA, 2014, Scott Waugh, Action, Crime, Drama, Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, BrRip 1080p, , Race, YIFY,

Director: Scott Waugh
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Casts: Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots
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Quality: BrRip 1080p YIFY Size: 1950 MB
Audio: English
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Need for Speed is a 2014 American action thriller film directed by Scott Waugh, written by George Gatins and John Gatins and produced by DreamWorks Pictures. Based on the series of video games by Electronic Arts, the film stars Aaron Paul as street racer Tobey Marshall, who sets off to race cross-country, as a way of avenging his friend's death at the hands of a rival racer (Dominic Cooper).

Need for Speed was released by Touchstone Pictures on March 14, 2014, in 3D, IMAX, and conventional theaters. Despite receiving generally negative reviews from critics, the film went on to earn $203.3 million at the worldwide box office.

Sinopsis / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

Tobey Marshall (Aaron Paul) is a former race car driver who owns a Mount Kisco, New York garage, where he and his friends service and tune cars. Struggling to make ends meet, he and his crew, consisting of protégé "Little Pete" Coleman, air recon pilot Benny "The Maverick", mechanic Joe Peck, and computer genius Finn, race at night using their modified muscle cars.

After a local racing gathering, Dino Brewster (Dominic Cooper), Tobey's childhood rival and fiance of Pete's sister (Tobey's ex) Anita, arrives at his garage with an offer to complete the build of a Mustang worked on by the late Carroll Shelby. Dino wants Tobey and his crew to complete the project in exchange for 25% of the car's estimated selling price of $2 million. Tobey accepts due to the mortgage problems over his garage.

At the auction party for the 2013 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500, Tobey and Pete meet Julia (Imogen Poots), an English car broker who agrees to consider the $3 million asking price if the car can get anything near to 230 mph (370 km/h). Dino believes the car is only capable of reaching 180mph, so Tobey drives the car the next morning at a nearby track, against Dino's objections, and achieves 234 mph (377 km/h), which prompts Julia to buy it for 2.7 million. Enraged by Tobey's disregard and further by Pete's comments that Tobey is the better driver, Dino challenges Tobey and Pete to race his uncle's three Koenigsegg Agera Rs, from his uncle's mansion to a bridge over Interstate 684. If Tobey wins, he gets Dino's 75% of the Mustang deal; if he loses, he gives up his 25%.

As they race the Ageras on the highway, Tobey takes the lead with Pete behind him blocking Dino. Dino, desperate to win, bumps Pete's car, causing it to spin, roll over then jump the bridge railing to the ground below, killing Pete. Dino frames Tobey by hiding his own car and reporting that Tobey and Pete stole his "two Ageras", sending Tobey to prison for car theft and involuntary manslaughter.

Two years later, Tobey is released on parole and sets out to avenge Pete's death. He and Benny return to the garage, now long closed. He contacts the owner of the Shelby Mustang, convincing him to lend them the car to race it in a multimillion dollar illegal road race – though the owner stipulates that Julia rides along. The team sets out to enter the "De Leon", a winner-take-all race organized and broadcast live online by Monarch (Michael Keaton), an anonymous race enthusiast who created it, with the grand prize of keeping all the losing cars.Dino has won the previous De Leon,winning all of his opponents' cars in the process.

The team has less than two days to reach San Francisco for the running of the race. They contact Peck, who joins them with his truck, while Benny pilots his Cessna as air support and recon.

The team journeys through Detroit, where Finn now works an office job. Engaging in a high speed chase with the police, they manage to get Finn to join them, and he goes with Peck while Tobey and Julia evade the police. Using the video footage of the chase and Julia's reasoning about Tobey's innocence, they manage to get a proper invite from Monarch to race in De Leon. Dino, learning of Tobey's plan, offers his rare Lamborghini Sesto Elemento to anyone who can prevent Tobey from entering the race, and uploads the pictures of the Elemento and Tobey's Shelby Mustang to Monarch's site.

To save time, the team fuels the Shelby Mustang while driving at speed on the interstate, then switch regularly to country roads to avoid police, eventually reaching Utah. While Julia is driving, the Shelby Mustang is cornered by a group of armed SUV and off-road truckers who are after them to win Dino's bounty. They are chased into the desert by them, but Benny appears in a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King helicopter he stole from the National Guard and tows the Shelby Mustang mid-air to the Bonneville Salt Flats, where Peck and Finn await them. Benny is later arrested by the military for theft of the helicopter.

Tobey and Julia arrive in San Francisco in time to register for the race. Driving away from the registration, Dino's right-hand man attempts to murder the two by ramming their car with a large truck, destroying the car and hospitalizing Julia. Meanwhile, Anita has become aware of Dino's plans after hearing the bet involving the Elemento. She searches his computer and discovers the existence of the third Agera R, now stored in a San Francisco warehouse. Anita meets Tobey, confirms she now knows that Dino lied to police and he is responsible for her brother's death, and gives Tobey the location and passcode for the warehouse. She also gives Tobey her engagement ring, asking him to tell Dino that she is ending her relationship for murdering her brother. Tobey then goes to the warehouse and finds the Agera drove by Dino, still having the dent which was made by him while slamming Pete's car.

The next morning, Tobey arrives at the starting location on the Pacific Coast Highway along with the other competitors, surprising Dino, who has entered the race in his Elemento. Tobey returns Anita's ring, while Monarch broadcasts that Julia's testimony to him was correct, since the third Agera R is evidence of Dino's involvement in Pete's death.

The race starts, with the racers confronted by the California Highway Patrol trying to stop the race. The resulting battle with the cops eliminates the cars one by one, until the P1, Elemento and the Agera R remain. Nearing the end of the race, Dino rear ends the P1, sending it crashing and leaving him and Tobey to race side by side along the Pacific Coast Highway. Tobey, tempted to take revenge, lets Dino get ahead of him, but changes his mind and takes the lead. Dino tries to side slam Tobey, but Tobey applies the brakes just in time, sending Dino's car flying. Nearing the finish line, Tobey changes his mind and returns to pull Dino out of the wreckage, taking his revenge by punching Dino in the face. Tobey then drives his car across the finish line, where he is then arrested by the CHP. As he is taken out, Tobey realizes that the lighthouse that is the finish line, is what Pete saw in his vision, making Tobey realize that the lighthouse is Monarch's reclusive headquarters.

With the missing piece of evidence found, Dino charged with manslaughter and sent to prison. Tobey is cleared of the car theft and involuntary manslaughter charges, though he serves six months in prison for illegal street racing. Upon his release he is met outside the prison gate by Julia in a brand new 2015 Ford Mustang GT. Peck and Finn contact them from Peck's truck, saying that they have to go back to Utah to pick up Benny from prison, as Benny is being released early for good behavior since he started a fitness program for the rest of the inmates. Tobey takes the driver's seat and the two drive off.

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