29 Sep 2015

Dragon Blade aka Tian jiang xiong shi [2015 China Bluray 720p Ganool 999 MB Google Drive]

Dragon Blade aka Tian jiang xiong shi [2015 China Bluray 720p Ganool 999 MB Google Drive]

Dragon Blade is a 2015 historical action film written and directed by Daniel Lee and starring Jackie Chan. In the film, Chan plays Huo An, the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions during the Han Dynasty. Dragon Blade was released in IMAX 3D on 19 February 2015, the first day Chinese New Year holiday period.

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Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

In modern times, an American archaeology group bought a military manuscript from the Han Dynasty. The manuscript details how Roman soldiers went to China about 2,000 years ago and built a city called Regum. However, with limited evidence, the archaeology community thought it was a fake and so the archaeology group sent an expeditionary group to confirm their findings. In a four vehicle convoy, Christian (Vaness Wu) and his lady colleague (Karena Lam) split with the group to expand their search and it is the two that found and confirmed the existence of Regum. Covered in snow, the two thought it was a highly unusual city as it clearly built as a Roman city, but with Chinese aesthetics. Upon closer observation, there's a golden plaque written in both Latin and Chinese; towering over the city was the armor of General Hou. Curious on how the city looks like, the two activated their advanced satellite and laser imaging system to help them visualize and rebuild the city through a 3D virtual simulation. From there, the two got a chance to learn more about the history of how this city came to be.

Going back into the past, the year is now 48 BC, the Silk Road at China's western border. During the era of the Han Dynasty, the Silk Road experienced much turmoil due to the various tribes and nations that conflict over the Silk Road. Huo An (Jackie Chan), a Hun, serves as a commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions to the Han Emperor. They are tasked by the emperor to maintain stability between the warring 36 nations in the Silk Road region.

Upon this fateful day, Hou An and his team intervened a fight between a group of Huns and White Indians. Hou An wanted to encourage friendship and assistance to the situation and managed to calm the White Indian side, but he had trouble with the Huns. A Hun warrior princess, Lady Cold Moon (Peng Lin), refused to yield before their enemies and didn't think highly of Hou An and his men. As Lady Cold Moon tried to attack her White Indian opponent, Hou An tried to stop her, but ended up fighting her instead. Hou An made every effort to avoid hurting her, but ultimately had to defend himself using his forearm shield. It was during that fight that he unmasked her face, revealing Cold Moon's face. What Hou An didn't realize though that unmasking her, he had proven worthy to be Cold Moon's husband. The fight stopped and the two had a private moment, where Hou An was surprised to see Cold Moon drop her clothes in front of him. Shocked to see her this way, he quickly covered her up and ran off with his squad, with his team laughing about the whole matter all the way home.

Back home, Huo An came to visit his wife (Mika Wang). His wife teaches Chinese to the Uygur children and he dropped by with treats for the kids. During the night, his subordinate, Yin Po, warned Hou An that they are framed for smuggling gold. The Chief's Prefecture Army found a group of killed people, believed to be smugglers with signed clearance papers from the Protection Squad. Although circumstantial, the chief didn't investigate further into the matter and believed the Protection Squad smuggled the gold. Yip Po tried to resist, but Hou An surrendered. Hou An tried to take full responsibility to spare his teammates, but they were all arrested and sentenced to the Wild Geese Gate, a frontier town of the Han Dynasty and undergo forced labor.

While being transported to the Wild Geese Gate, the Protection Squad members expressed their outrage for being framed for a crime they didn't commit and want to figure a way out of their situation. Others complained how they worked so hard for their lives to be so easily left for exile as they know work on the frontier town as life sentence. Hou An tried to calm the team down by telling them he understands their situation, but also believes there's justice in this world; he promises to investigate the matter with Yin Po to help exonerate their crimes. However, since they were heading to the Wild Geese Gate, Hou An suggested they pay their respects to the deceased General Hou as he had a hand in saving all the men within the Protection Squad.

In the past, Hou An and his sister ran for their lives from an invading Han force. To escape capture, Hou An and his sister hide themselves, but because the sister was crying so loudly, Hou An covered her mouth to avoid detection, but he suffocated her in the process. General Hou would later find Hou An and took pity upon him and help take care of him. General Hou inspired Hou An and those that followed him to do good in this world and he was revered so much as a commander, his armor was used to create an ornamental shrine to honor his name at the Wild Geese Gate.

Finally at their destination, the squad discovers that there are many different ethnic groups that represented the labor force; they were distrustful and did not assist each other in the completion of the restoration of the Wild Geese Gate. An accident happened and it escalated into a full public brawl. Hou An and his men tried to stop the fight, but it ended after the army was called forth to pacify the fight. It was there the Geese Commander called Hou An so he could assert his position and authority over Hou An and his men. Unimpressed by Geese Commander's claims of his superiority, the group left to start work on rebuilding the city's damaged walls.

Meanwhile, in the west, a Roman general named Lucius (Cusack) flees with his legion to the east. He smuggles Publius (Waite), heir of the ruling Roman Consul, to the east at the behest of the Parthian Empire to save him from death and a ploy by his older brother, Tiberius (Brody), who schemes to takeover the position as heir to the Consul for himself. Lucius arrives at the outskirts of the Wild Geese Gate, with plans to assault the frontier town with his legion. Their aim is to find a place for the Roman legions to rest. In anticipation of the confrontation, Huo An takes the armor and sword of the previous commanding officer of the Wild Geese Gate and goes out to meet Lucius. Lucuis and Huo battle in an evenly-matched sword play. Before the match ends with a clear winner, a sandstorm approaches threatening the Romans and all others who are outside of the city walls. Realizing this, plus seeing Publius in a very dire state, reluctantly leads Huo to offer the Romans refuge.

During their stay, Lucius, after admiring the sword of the previous commanding officer of the Wild Geese Gate, tells Huo the plight of Publius and his legions. The next day, the current commanding officer of the Wild Geese Gate receives a royal edict to complete the restoration work of the fortress within 15 days. The commanding officer deems this to be impossible and pleads for Huo An to enlist more men from China to help with the construction efforts. Huo An instead asks the Roman legionaries for their expertise and assistance to complete the task. In line with Huo An's mentor, the previous commanding offer, the reconstruction effort gets all the different peoples and nations of the region to work together as one and peace is achieved in what was once a chaotic and ethnically-separated city. Because of the success of the reconstruction and the development of a general feeling of brotherhood in the city, the young Publius appoints Huo as a First Centurion, presenting him with a Roman pugio.

During this time, Tiberius (Brody) and his army, who have pursued Lucius along the Silk Road, approaches the Wild Geese Gate with ambitions to take the Silk Road. Huo An then informs Lucius he will go to his allies to recruit an army from his long-lost friend to fight against Tiberius, but is ultimately betrayed by Yin Po and delayed, while Lucius is imprisoned and tortured. It's revealed that Yin Po was the one who framed his own squad so Tiberius would be awarded with the title of Prefecture Chief. Huo manages to escape and returns for his wife, however, imperial forces are after him. With the help of Lady Cold Moon and her tribesmen, they were able to escape, but Hou An's wife didn't survive. Young Publius was caught and he and his caretaker was forced to fall and die from a high ledge.

Huo An learns about Lucius's fate and Yin Po's betrayal. Tiberius warned the people of the gate to surrender Hou An and they'll be rewarded and will live; failure to comply will cost them their lives. Cold Moon wanted to fight against the ingrates, but Hou An understood they're just desperate men who want to survive. After a moving speech about their 15-day unity, the people of the gate realized their cowardice and decided to fight with honor. Hou An went along with the plan and fakes his capture in attempts to rescue Lucius. He finds Lucius, whom Tiberius has blinded; Lucius entrusts his legion to Hou An shortly before pleading with Hou An to end his misery, which Hou reluctantly does. In between, a part of Hou An's men infiltrated Yin Po's group and intentionally arrow-shot some centurions to fake Yin Po a double crosser. The confusion was enough to cause the decimation of Yin Po's group and his own life.

A climatic battle ensues with Lucius' Army and Huo An's escapes Tiberius' stronghold and regrouped with his allies for an epic showdown. However, Huo An's army and allies are almost completely defeated until the Parthian Army arrives with their queen. They accused Tiberius of murdering his father, blinding the rightful heir to the Roman Consulate, and killing Publius. With confirmation of what happened, the men under Tiberius no longer supported him. Although Huo An suffered serious injuries (including an abdomen stab wound and arrow shot through his right leg) he challenged Tiberius to combat. Tiberius tried to avoid the match, saying it's a Roman matter; Lucius' men confirmed Hou An was promoted as First Centurion by Publius, giving him the right to duel Tiberius. The two engaged in one last battle and Tiberius had the advantage. Just as Tiberius was about to cut Hou An's head, Hou mustered the last of his strength to break Tiberius' arm with his forearm shield and slashed his neck. Realizing he can't win, Tiberius holds Hou An and have Hou stab him in the chest with Publius' pugio. As he fell onto the ground, Tiberius sings the Roman anthem until he died from choking his own blood.

After the battle, the Han Emperor gave the Romans permission to build a city at the Silk Road. To honor Publius' memory, his aristocratic name, Regum, was used to name the city, but called Li Gan in Chinese. To also honor the memory of General Hou, the surviving Protection Squad had his armor placed on the tallest column in Regum with wings to symbolize cooperation and respect. It was later shown that the survivors on Hou An's side was given amnesty and permitted to follow him as part of a new reformed protection detail along the Silk Road. Back in the present, the expedition duo was touched by the story and decided to not report nor confirm the existence of Regum, hoping it would be left in peace for another 2,000 years.

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Dragon Blade aka Tian jiang xiong shi [2015 China]

Durasi: Minutes Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama Rating IMDB: 6,4 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3672840/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Director: Daniel Lee
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Casts: John Cusack, Jackie Chan, Adrien Brody, Sharni Vinson, Alice Aoki, Peng Lin
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Dragon Blade aka Tian jiang xiong shi [2015 China Bluray 720p Ganool 999 MB Google Drive]

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