17 Sep 2015

Road to Perdition [2002 USA BrRip 1080p YIFY 1600 MB Google Drive]

Road to Perdition [2002 USA BrRip 1080p YIFY 1600 MB Google Drive]

Durasi: 117 Minutes Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller Rating IMDB: 7,8 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0257044/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Label: Recent, WesternMovie, Road to Perdition, USA, 2002, Sam Mendes, Crime, Drama, Thriller, Tom Hanks, Tyler Hoechlin, Rob Maxey, BrRip 1080p, , , YIFY,

Director: Sam Mendes
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Casts: Tom Hanks, Tyler Hoechlin, Rob Maxey
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Quality: BrRip 1080p YIFY Size: 1600 MB
Audio: English
SubtitleSoft Muxed / SRT: English, Indonesia
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Road to Perdition is a 2002 American crime thriller film directed by Sam Mendes. The screenplay was adapted by David Self, from the graphic novel of the same name by Max Allan Collins. The film stars Tom Hanks, Paul Newman (in his final live-action film role), Jude Law, and Daniel Craig. The plot takes place in 1931, during the Great Depression, following a mob enforcer and his son as they seek vengeance against a mobster who murdered the rest of their family.

Filming took place in the Chicago area. Mendes, having recently finished 1999's acclaimed American Beauty, pursued a story that had minimal dialogue and conveyed emotion in the imagery. Cinematographer Conrad Hall took advantage of the environment to create symbolism for the film, for which he won several awards, including a posthumous Academy Award for Best Cinematography. The film explores several themes, including the consequence of violence and father-son relationships.

The film was released on July 12, 2002, and eventually grossed over $180 million worldwide. The cinematography, setting, and the lead performances by Hanks and Newman were well received by critics. A home media release debuted on February 25, 2003.

Sinopsis / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

Michael Sullivan Sr. (Hanks) is an enforcer for Irish mob boss John Rooney (Newman) in Rock Island, Illinois, during the Great Depression. Rooney raised the orphan Sullivan and loves him more than his own biological son, the unstable Connor (Craig). Connor snaps and kills disgruntled associate Finn McGovern (Ciaran Hinds) when meeting him with Sullivan, resulting in Sullivan gunning down McGovern's men. Sullivan's twelve-year-old son Michael Sullivan, Jr, had hidden in his father's car and witnesses the event. Despite Sullivan swearing his son to secrecy and Rooney pressuring Connor to apologize for the reckless action, Connor murders Sullivan's wife Annie and younger son Peter, mistaking him for Sullivan, Jr. He then sends Sullivan to an ambush at a speakeasy but Sullivan realizes and escapes to Chicago with his son to deliver a proposition to Al Capone: in exchange for Sullivan's work, Capone would give up the location of Connor, who has gone into hiding.

Capone's Underboss Frank Nitti (Tucci) rejects Sullivan's proposals, before informing Rooney of the meeting. Rooney reluctantly allows Nitti to dispatch assassin Harlen Maguire (Law), who is also a crime scene photographer, to kill Sullivan. Maguire tracks him and his son to a roadside diner, but fails to kill Sullivan. Realizing Maguire's intentions, Sullivan punctures Maguire's car tire before escaping.

In reaction to the ordered hit, Sullivan begins robbing banks that hold Capone’s laundered money, hoping to trade it for Connor while teaching Michael to drive their getaway car. Sullivan is impeded when the mob withdraws its money, so he visits Capone's accountant Alexander Rance (Baker) at his hotel. The encounter is a set-up, with Rance stalling Sullivan until Maguire enters with a shotgun. In the ensuing crossfire, Rance is killed by Maguire's shotgun, Maguire is injured by flying glass shards, and Sullivan escapes with the ledgers. As he flees, Maguire shoots Sullivan in the shoulder.

Michael Jr. drives his father to a farm, where a childless elderly couple help him recover. Sullivan bonds with his son and discovers from the ledgers that Connor has been embezzling from his father for years, using the names of dead men. As the Sullivans depart, they give the couple much of the stolen money. Sullivan confronts Rooney with the information while they attend Mass. Although Rooney already knew about the embezzlement and that Connor was likely to die by Sullivan's hand or the mob, he refuses to give up his son. He encourages Sullivan to leave with his son, while mourning his departure.

Later one night, cloaked by darkness and rain, Sullivan dispatches Rooney's entire entourage with his Thompson submachine gun and walks directly up to Rooney. As Rooney mutters that he is glad his killer is Sullivan, an emotionally reluctant Sullivan pulls the trigger. Seeing no further reason to protect Connor, Nitti reveals his location to Sullivan, after making the latter promise to end the feud. Sullivan goes to the hotel where Connor is hiding and kills him.

Sullivan drives his son to stay at his Aunt Sara's beach house in Perdition, a town on the shore of Lake Michigan. However, he is ambushed and shot by a disfigured Maguire. As Maguire prepares to photograph the dying Sullivan, Michael Jr. appears and points a gun at Maguire, but cannot muster the will to fire. Sullivan pulls out his gun and kills Maguire, before dying in his son's arms. Mourning his father's death, Michael Jr. returns to the elderly farm couple to live with them. While growing up, Michael Jr. reflects that his father's only fear was that his son would become like him. When asked if Sullivan was a good or bad man, he replies "he was my father".

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