28 Sep 2015

Scott Pilgrim vs The World [2010 USA BrRip 1080p anoXmous 1830 MB Google Drive]

Scott Pilgrim vs The World [2010 USA BrRip 1080p anoXmous 1830 MB Google Drive]

Durasi: 112 Minutes Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance Rating IMDB: 7,5 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0446029/?ref_=nv_sr_4

Label: Recent, WesternMovie, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, USA, 2010, Edgar Wright, Action, Comedy, Romance, Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin, BrRip 1080p, , Superheroes, anoXmous,

Director: Edgar Wright
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Casts: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin
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Quality: BrRip 1080p anoXmous Size: 1830 MB
Audio: English
SubtitleSoft Muxed / SRT: English, Indonesia
Password: AdMaioremDeiGloriam

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is a 2010 comedy film co-written, produced and directed by Edgar Wright, based on the graphic novel series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O'Malley. It stars Michael Cera as musician Scott Pilgrim, who must battle his girlfriend Ramona's seven evil exes, who are coming to kill him.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was planned as a film after the first volume of the comic was released. Wright became attached to the project and filming began in March 2009 in Toronto. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World premiered after a panel discussion at the San Diego Comic-Con International on July 22, 2010. It received a wide release in North America on August 13, 2010, in 2,818 theaters. The film finished fifth on its first weekend of release with a total of $10.5 million. The film received generally positive reviews from critics, but it failed to recoup its production budget during its release in theaters, grossing $31.5 million in North America and $16 million internationally. The film has fared better on home formats, becoming the top-selling Blu-ray on Amazon.com on its first day of sale, and has gained a cult following.

Sinopsis / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

In Toronto, 22-year-old Scott Pilgrim, bass guitarist of floundering garage band Sex Bob-omb, is dating high schooler Knives Chau, to the disapproval of his friends. Scott meets an American Amazon.com delivery girl, Ramona Flowers, having first seen her in a dream, and loses interest in Knives. As Sex Bob-omb plays in a battle of the bands sponsored by one "G-Man Graves," Scott is attacked by Ramona's ex-boyfriend Matthew Patel. Scott defeats Patel and learns that, in order to date Ramona, he must defeat the remaining six evil exes. He had previously been made aware of this in an email that he received from Patel, warning him of the attack, but dismissed it as "boring."

Scott breaks up with Knives, who blames Ramona for taking Scott from her and swears to win him back. Scott defeats Ramona's second and third evil exes, Hollywood actor and skateboarder Lucas Lee, and vegan Todd Ingram, who is dating Scott's ex-girlfriend, Envy Adams. After he defeats Ramona's fourth ex, Roxy Richter, Scott becomes upset by Ramona's dating history.

At the next battle of the bands round, Sex Bob-omb battles Ramona's fifth and sixth evil exes, twins Kyle and Ken Katayanagi, earning Scott a 1-up. Scott sees Ramona together with her seventh evil ex, Gideon, who is sponsoring the event. Sex Bob-omb accept Gideon's record deal, except for Scott, who leaves the band.

Gideon invites Scott to his venue, the Chaos Theater, where Sex Bob-omb is playing. Scott arrives and challenges Gideon to a fight for Ramona's affections, earning the Power of Love and a sword. Knives fights Ramona over Scott, and Scott accidentally reveals that he dated them concurrently. Gideon kills Scott; Ramona visits him in limbo and reveals that Gideon has implanted her with a mind control device.

Scott uses the 1-up to restore his life. He makes peace with his friends and challenges Gideon again, this time for himself. He gains the Power of Self-Respect and disarms Gideon with the sword it grants him. He apologizes to Ramona and Knives for cheating on them, and Scott and Knives team up to defeat Gideon.

Free from Gideon's control, Ramona prepares to leave. Knives accepts that her relationship with Scott is over and encourages him to follow Ramona.

Differences from source material

To condense the six graphic novels into a single two-hour film, several major changes were made to the plot under the supervision of author Bryan Lee O'Malley.

  • Instead of playing various unrelated shows around Toronto, Sex Bob-Omb's performances are part of a "battle of the bands" competition. In addition to being the proprietor of the Chaos Theatre, Gideon is also cast as the owner of the record label hosting the competition; there are some added scenes later in the film where Gideon's involvement in the group's career causes a rift between Scott and his bandmates (who are now playing the opening night of the Chaos Theatre instead of Envy).
  • Most of Ramona's various exes are intact from the novels; though Todd Ingram's personality is unchanged, his tryst with Clash at Demonhead's drummer and the fact that he two-timed Ramona and Envy is cut, and the various fight sequences involving Clash at Demonhead are condensed into a single scene after their first show.
  • Most of Gideon's "evil mastermind" aspects are removed, including "the glow", his invention of subspace, and his collection of frozen exes.
  • Though a few major plot points relating to the characters' grade school and college lives are still relevant to the film, the extended flashback sequences are cut.
  • Major subplots revolving around Kim and Stills are removed. As a result, several key secondary characters from the novels, such as Joseph, Hollie, Craig, and Lisa, do not appear, and the characters of Stacy and Julie are significantly pared down. The Mr. Chau subplot is also removed.
  • Several of the mundane aspects of Scott's life are removed or changed. Instead of being evicted, Wallace asks Scott to move out to make room for his boyfriend, and Scott's attempts to find and hold a job as well as the period of extended depression after Ramona's disappearance are removed. The conflict with NegaScott is moved to a brief post-climax gag. 

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