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Sherlock S03E01 The Empty Hearse [2014 Series BrRip 720p ShAaNiG 717 MB Google Drive]

Sherlock S03E01 The Empty Hearse [2014 Series BrRip 720p ShAaNiG 717 MB Google Drive]

"The Empty Hearse" is the first episode of the third series of the BBC television series Sherlock. It was written by Mark Gatiss and stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes, Martin Freeman as Dr John Watson, and Mark Gatiss as Mycroft Holmes.

Inspired by "The Adventure of the Empty House" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the episode follows Sherlock Holmes' return to London and reunion with John Watson, along with an underground terrorist network.

The episode was first broadcast on BBC One and BBC One HD on 1 January 2014.

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Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

Two years after his supposed death, Sherlock Holmes has been completely exonerated of the slanderous accusations against him originated by James Moriarty and secretly returns to London to help his brother Mycroft uncover an apparent imminent and huge terrorist attack. An interleaved scene shows a version of how Sherlock might have faked his death: by jumping from the roof with a bungee cable, bouncing back and entering the building through a window, leaving Moriarty's body with a Sherlock mask to mislead John and other onlookers, John himself being hypnotised by Derren Brown to give the time for this to be set up. This version of events is later shown to be a conspiracy theory invented by Philip Anderson, who feels responsible for Sherlock's death.

John now has a girlfriend, Mary Morstan (Amanda Abbington), to whom he intends to propose in a restaurant. At this point, Sherlock, disguised as a French waiter, approaches the couple, but is not immediately recognised by John. When Sherlock reveals his identity, John attacks him three times. When John refuses to accept his explanations, Sherlock enlists Molly to assist him in his next case, that of an underground skeleton behind a desk containing a manuscript: How I Did It by Jack the Ripper, revealed to be a fake planted by Anderson to lure Sherlock out of hiding. Later that day, Mary receives a text in a skip code (every three words) telling her that John has been kidnapped by unknown assailants and will die if he is not rescued in time, along with a coded location. Sherlock and Mary come to his rescue on a motorcycle and manage to drag him out of a lit bonfire on which a "guy" (Guy Fawkes effigy) was about to be burned.

Sherlock is shown a video by a London Underground employee of a mysterious vanishing of a passenger from a train between two stations near Parliament and later identifies the passenger as a member of the House of Lords, Lord Moran, whom he knows to be a foreign agent and who is also acting unusually. He notices that it is not only Moran who vanished but an entire carriage of the train and deduces that the attack will be on the Houses of Parliament which will be holding a late night hearing on a new anti-terrorism bill on Guy Fawkes Night, 5 November. Sherlock and John enter the abandoned station near Parliament, finding the secretly diverted carriage. It is rigged with explosives to make an enormous bomb. Sherlock manages to defuse the bomb by turning the off-switch, but not before making Watson believe the bomb can't be defused, causing him to panic and reveal to Sherlock how much he has missed him, to his later embarrassment.

Another cut-scene intercut with the above shows Sherlock visiting Anderson and revealing to him how he faked his death as part of a plan to persuade Moriarty of his lost credibility and death, allowing him to successfully dissolve Moriarty's network. Sherlock tells Anderson that he and Mycroft had anticipated thirteen possible scenarios that could happen on the roof, and that while John's view was obstructed, members of his Homeless Network rolled out an inflatable mattress and take their roles as shocked bystanders and paramedics. With the aid of a squash ball under his arm to temporarily stop his pulse, Sherlock convincingly faked his own death. Anderson casts doubt on the veracity of this version of events, arguing it would be nigh impossible to ensure John remained exactly where Sherlock wanted. Anderson points out that he is "the last person" Sherlock would tell, but when he turns around the room is empty. Anderson then begins tearing his theories from the wall, laughing hysterically, and the intercut scene ends.

Moran is ambushed by the police and arrested as he leaves his hotel suite. John asks Sherlock who abducted him and why, questions to which Sherlock has no answers yet. In the final scene, a bespectacled face with blue eyes is seen observing footage of Sherlock and Mary rescuing John from the fire.


The Adventure of the Empty House

The most obvious source of this episode, to which its title alludes, is "The Adventure of the Empty House", in which Sherlock Holmes returns from his "Great Hiatus", having allowed everyone to believe him dead to root out the rest of Moriarty's criminal organisation. In both the story and the episode, Mycroft helps Sherlock fake his demise. The villainous Moran in this episode is named after Colonel Sebastian Moran, the villain of the original story. In "The Adventure of the Empty House", Watson first encounters Holmes disguised as a heavily accented and bearded book salesman with a shop on the corner of Church Street, who offers Watson some books. In the episode, John encounters a man as his patient who owns a DVD shop at the same location; the man offers to sell him pornographic DVDs with titles almost identical to the books Watson was offered by the disguised Holmes in the short story ("Tree Worshippers", "British Birds", and "Holy War"). John falsely assumes it is Sherlock in disguise, with embarrassing results. It is also a reference to a scene from The Spider Woman starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce. Moffat and Gatiss have cited the film series as another source of inspiration when writing Sherlock. The remainder of the episode's storyline is largely original.

Sherlock also mentions a sort of "Japanese wrestling" in passing in the episode, a reference to the fictional martial art of "baritsu" mentioned by Arthur Conan Doyle in the original story.

Other Arthur Conan Doyle short stories

Apart from "The Adventure of the Empty House", the episode contains allusions to many other Doyle short stories:
  • Sherlock calls Lord Moran by the code name "giant rat of Sumatra Road" because of his status as mole for North Korea, a reference to "the giant rat of Sumatra" mentioned in passing in "The Adventure of the Sussex Vampire" and because Moran's planned terrorist attack involves an abandoned section of the London Underground system called "Sumatra Road".
    • In "The Adventure of the Reigate Squire", Watson mentions in passing the case of the "Netherland-Sumatra Company and of the colossal schemes of Baron Maupertuis." The episode references this and the repeated mention of "Sumatra" by similarly featuring a member of the House of Lords, Lord Moran, as the scheming villain. Furthermore, after the beginning of the episode taking place in Serbia, Mycroft mentions Baron Maupertius by name.
  • At one point, John asks the bearded man selling DVDs if his usual GP is named "Dr. Verner", who, in "The Adventure of the Norwood Builder", is a cousin of Sherlock Holmes who buys Watson's practice so he can move back into his old rooms on Baker Street upon Holmes's return.
  • Sherlock refers to an unseen character called Professor Presbury and "monkey glands", both from the story "The Adventure of the Creeping Man".
  • In "The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter", the first story to feature Sherlock's brother Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock mentions that his grandmother was the sister of the French artist Horace Vernet. The fact that Holmes impersonates a French waiter at the beginning of the episode may be a reference to his French heritage. The scene where Sherlock and Mycroft try to out-deduce each other in Sherlock's flat is also a reference to a scene from "The Greek Interpreter" where they engage in a similar competition while sitting in Mycroft's Diogenes Club.
    • Sherlock and Mycroft's competition is over analysing a particular knitted hat, a reference to "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" where Holmes also deduced several facts about a man from his hat. Furthermore, in the episode, when Mycroft determines that the knitted hat belonged to a man, Sherlock asks, "Why, size of the hat?", to which Mycroft reproachingly replies, "Don't be silly. Some women have large heads, too." Sherlock's subsequent look of guilt is a satirical allusion to the controversial and pseudoscientific phrenology involved in the original short story, where Sherlock Holmes deduced that the owner of the hat was intelligent based on the size of his head, remarking "a man with so large a brain must have something in it."
  • The episode features John's engagement to Mary Morstan, who appears in the novel The Sign of the Four. Mary is seen reading John's blog, and the passage she reads aloud is an almost verbatim excerpt from chapter six of The Sign of the Four ("[s]o swift, silent, and furtive were his movements, like those of a trained bloodhound picking out a scent...").
  • At one point, Mary receives a text message on her mobile phone that starts with the phrase "John or James Watson", a reference to "The Man With the Twisted Lip", in which Mary calls her husband "James" rather than John (prompting the fan theory that his middle initial stands for "Hamish", a variant of James, a theory incorporated into the earlier episode "A Scandal in Belgravia").
  • The mentioned text message is pointed out by Mary to Sherlock that it's a skip code, a type of code where each word of the secret message is given every third word of the apparent message, a reference to "The Adventure of the Gloria Scott" where Holmes shows and explains to Watson a message with the same type of code.
  • In a short scene, Sherlock very quickly solves an adaptation of "A Case of Identity" when a young woman consults him about the disappearance of her online boyfriend, determining that it was in fact her stepfather who had posed as her online boyfriend to break her heart, keep her at home in grief, and maintain control over her finances. Mere moments after first hearing the woman's story, Sherlock promptly tells her stepfather, who has feigned concern and joined her in consulting him, that he is "a complete and utter pisspot", alluding to Holmes's reprimand of the man in the original short story.
  • The episode also references the Arthur Conan Doyle story "The Lost Special", in which a train goes missing into an unused section of the railway, and which features an unnamed character who might be Sherlock Holmes, referred to simply as "an amateur reasoner of some celebrity".

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Sherlock S03E01 The Empty Hearse [2014 Series]

Durasi: 90 Minutes Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery Rating IMDB: 9,1 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2189771/?ref_=tt_ep_nx

Director: Jeremy Lovering
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Casts: Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbington, Rupert Graves, Zoe Telford, Louise Brealey
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Sherlock S03E01 The Empty Hearse [2014 Series BrRip 720p ShAaNiG 717 MB Google Drive]

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