17 Oct 2015

Hoosiers [1986 USA Brrip 720p 852 MB Google Drive]

Hoosiers [1986 USA Brrip 720p 852 MB Google Drive]

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Hoosiers is a 1986 sports film written by Angelo Pizzo and directed by David Anspaugh. It tells the story of a small-town Indiana high school basketball team that wins the state championship. It is loosely based on the Milan High School team that won the 1954 state championship.

Gene Hackman stars as Norman Dale, a new coach with a spotty past. The film co-stars Barbara Hershey and Dennis Hopper, whose role as the basketball-loving town drunk earned him an Oscar nomination. Jerry Goldsmith was also nominated for an Academy Award for his score.

Sinopsis / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

In 1951 Norman Dale arrives in the rural southwest Indiana town of Hickory to become a high school teacher and head basketball coach. He was hired by Cletus Summers, the principal and a longtime friend of Dale's. Dale had lost a previous collegiate coaching position after striking one of his players so the job is something of a last chance for him.

Like much of the state, Hickory is passionate about basketball. At an impromptu meeting with townsmen at the local barber shop shortly after his arrival, Dale is questioned rather pointedly and intensely by the men and then offends them by leaving before they have all had their say about what they expect of him. People are aware that the best player in town, Jimmy Chitwood, does not intend to play on this season's team due to his attachment to the previous coach and the concern of hometown faculty member Myra Fleener, who has been looking after Jimmy since his mother's illness. Myra warns Dale not to try to persuade Jimmy to change his mind; she believes he needs to focus on academics in order to get a scholarship to attend college and have a chance to leave town for a better future. Dale has no intention of going after Jimmy. In fact, Dale talks to Jimmy while he is shooting baskets in the schoolyard and tells him that playing on the team is ultimately Jimmy's choice and that Dale doesn't care whether or not Jimmy eventually joins the team.

The school enrollment is so small that Dale has only seven players on his squad. At his first practice, Dale immediately dismisses the acting coach, George, one of the townsmen. George tells Dale not to "screw up" the team and issues a veiled threat. Minutes into addressing the players for the first time, Dale dismisses one, Buddy Walker, for not paying attention and talking while the coach is talking. Another, Whit Butcher, walks out in support of his friend, leaving Dale with only 5 players, the minimum needed to play. He then begins drilling the remaining five players (Rade Butcher, Merle Webb, Everett Flatch, Strap Purl, and Ollie McLellan) with fundamentals and conditioning but no scrimmages or shooting, much to the players' dislike. Townsmen who have heard of the coach's non-traditional approach to working with the team intrude on a practice and demand to know what Dale is doing. Whit's father however arrives with his son in tow and makes his son apologize to Dale for walking out and ask for another chance. Mr. Butcher then shows his support of Dale by ushering the townsmen out of the gym. Later Mr. Butcher will join Dale on the bench.

With the team having worked on a four-pass offense, Dale remains committed to this approach in the opening game of the season, even when Rade Butcher disobeys him and repeatedly shoots successfully without passing. Dale benches him and, when another player fouls out, refuses to let Rade return to the game, leaving his team with only four players on the floor to the jeers of the home crowd. In a subsequent game, when an opposing player pushes his finger into Dale's chest during an on-court argument during a timeout, Rade jumps to his defense and hits the player on the jaw. After the ensuing brawl, Cletus, who has been assisting Dale in coaching, suffers a mild heart attack.

The coach further alienates the community by having the team play with a slow, defensive style that does not immediately produce results and also by losing his temper, causing him to be ejected from multiple games.

With Cletus laid up, Dale invites knowledgeable local former star basketball player Shooter Flatch, Everett's alcoholic father, to join him on the bench as a new assistant. This too confounds the town, including Everett. The coach has one major stipulation in order for Shooter to participate with the team: he must be sober at all times around the boys.

By the middle of the season, an emergency town meeting is called to vote on whether Dale should be dismissed. Fleener appreciates the coach's having stayed away from Jimmy and his efforts with Shooter and, despite having learned of Dale's past mistake and volatile behavioural pattern as a coach, she unexpectedly expresses support for him at the meeting. Just as the vote is being counted, Jimmy enters the meeting and asks permission to speak. He says he's ready to begin playing basketball again, but only if Dale remains as coach. George reports the ballot count, which has gone against Dale, but Fleener's mother jumps up and calls for a re-vote. Mr. Butcher calls for a voice vote from the assembly, and the townspeople overwhelmingly vote for Dale to stay as coach.

From this point Hickory becomes a nearly unstoppable team. Along the way Dale proves Shooter's value to the townspeople (and to Shooter himself) by intentionally getting himself ejected from a game and forcing Shooter to show his coaching ability. Shooter does just that by diagramming a play by which Hickory wins the game on a last-second shot. Despite a setback in which Shooter arrives drunk to a game and ends up in a hospital, the team advances through tournament play with contributions from unsung players, such as the pint-sized Ollie and devoutly religious Strap.

Hickory shocks the state by reaching the championship game in Indianapolis. In a large arena and before a crowd bigger than any they've seen, the Hickory players face long odds to defeat a team from South Bend, whose integrated players are taller and more athletic. But with Chitwood scoring at the last second, tiny Hickory takes home the 1952 Indiana state championship.

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Hoosiers [1986 USA]

Durasi: 114 Minutes Genre: Drama, Sport Rating IMDB: 7,6 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0091217/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Director: David Anspaugh
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Casts: Gene Hackman, Barbara Hershey, Dennis Hopper
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Hoosiers [1986 USA Brrip 720p 852 MB Google Drive]

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