5 Oct 2015

Nightcrawler [2014 USA Bluray 720p YIFY 862 MB Google Drive]

Nightcrawler [2014 USA Bluray 720p YIFY 862 MB Google Drive]

Nightcrawler is a 2014 American neo-noir crime thriller film written and directed by Dan Gilroy in his directorial debut. The film stars Jake Gyllenhaal as a former thief who starts shooting footage of accidents and crimes in Los Angeles, selling the content to local news channels as a stringer. It features Rene Russo, Riz Ahmed, and Bill Paxton.

The film had its world premiere at the Special Presentations section of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. It was released theatrically by Open Road Films on October 31, 2014. It received critical acclaim and was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay at 87th Academy Awards.

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Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

Caught stealing from a Los Angeles construction site, Louis "Lou" Bloom (Jake Gyllenhaal) attacks a security guard and steals his watch. After negotiating a price for the stolen material at a scrap yard, Bloom asks for a job, but the foreman tells him he will not employ a thief.

Inspired by a freelance film crew led by cameraman Joe Loder (Bill Paxton) working the scene of a car crash, Bloom steals a racing bicycle and trades it for a camcorder and a radio scanner. That night, Bloom shoots the aftermath of a carjacking, moving up close and filming the victim's death to compete with Loder's higher quality footage. Lou's actions get him and Loder kicked off the crime scene, and they become rivals.

The morning news director of a local TV station, Nina Romina (Rene Russo), buys the footage and encourages Bloom to continue his work. She stipulates that the station is most interested in footage of violent incidents in affluent neighborhoods since these attract the most viewers. Bloom hires an assistant, Rick (Riz Ahmed), a young man desperate for money, and begins his career as a stringer.

To get better footage, Bloom alters crime scenes, in one case moving the body of a car crash victim to make a better shot. Loder beats Bloom to several important stories and has better equipment. As Bloom's work begins to gain traction, he buys better equipment and trades his 1985 Toyota Tercel for a Dodge Challenger. Bloom threatens to end his business with Nina unless she has sex with him, knowing her job depends on his footage. The next day he turns down a business offer from Loder, who beats him to an important plane crash story later that night. Nina explodes in anger at Bloom, demanding he get footage that viewers "can't turn away from" and keep his end of their bargain. Bloom sabotages Loder's van, causing him injury in a crash.

Later that night, Bloom and Rick arrive at the site of a home invasion in an affluent neighborhood before the police. Bloom records footage of the gunmen leaving in their SUV and of the murder victims in the house. The news staff worry that airing the footage is unethical, but Nina is eager to break the story. In exchange, Bloom demands public credit and more money. The police become suspicious of Bloom and ask for his footage of the home invasion. He gives them an edited tape, withholding footage identifying the gunmen, then locates the gunmen himself. With Rick, he stakes them out at a restaurant, planning to tip off the police and film the confrontation. Scared, Rick demands half the money Bloom stands to make, threatening to tell the police about Bloom's illegal activities. Bloom agrees, but demands Rick get out of the car to shoot a supporting angle. Fearing a dangerous confrontation between police and the suspects, Rick refuses to leave until Bloom threatens him with violence.

The police arrive at the restaurant and exchange gunfire with the gunmen. One suspect is killed and the other escapes in the SUV. The police give chase, with Bloom and Rick tailing and recording. After the gunman's SUV crashes, Bloom urges Rick to film the gunman, claiming he is dead. The wounded gunman shoots Rick and tries to escape but is shot by police. As Rick lies dying, Bloom films him and tells him that he cannot work with someone he does not trust.

Nina is awed by the footage and expresses her devotion to Bloom. The news team discovers that the "home invasion" was actually a drug deal gone wrong; Nina omits this information to maximize the story's impact. Police try to confiscate the footage for evidence, but Nina defends her right to withhold it. Interrogated by police detective Fronteiri (Michael Hyatt), Bloom fabricates a story about the men in the SUV following him; Fronteiri suspects he is lying, but she cannot prove it. Bloom invests in two vans and hires a team of interns to expand his business.

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Information about the Movie:

Nightcrawler [2014 USA]

Durasi: 117 Minutes Genre: Crime, Thriller Rating IMDB: 7,9 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2872718/?ref_=nv_sr_3

Director: Dan Gilroy
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Casts: Jake Gyllenhaal, Rene Russo, Bill Paxton, Leah Fredkin
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Information about the File:

Nightcrawler [2014 USA Bluray 720p YIFY 862 MB Google Drive]

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Quality: Bluray 720p YIFY Size: 862 MB
Audio: English
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