23 Nov 2015

Watch Online The November Man [2014 USA Bluray 1080p GNL MB Google Drive]

Watch Online The November Man [2014 USA Bluray 1080p GNL MB Google Drive]

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The November Man is a 2014 American spy thriller based on the novel There Are No Spies by Bill Granger, which is canonically the seventh installment in The November Man novel series, published in 1987. It stars Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, and Olga Kurylenko with the screenplay written by Michael Finch and Karl Gajdusek. The film is directed by Roger Donaldson, who previously worked with Brosnan in Dante's Peak. Beau St. Clair once again teams up with Brosnan to co-produce the film.

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

Veteran CIA officer Peter Devereaux (Pierce Brosnan) supervises a young operative David Mason (Luke Bracey) in a mission to protect a US Ambassador in Montenegro. Mason disobeys Devereaux's orders not to fire on an assassin in a crowd and accidentally kills a child.

Five years later, Devereaux is retired in Lausanne, Switzerland, operating a lakeside cafe. His former boss, John Hanley (Bill Smitrovich), unexpectedly shows up and convinces him to extract a woman, Natalia Ulanova, the aide of a Russian presidential candidate and former Army General Arkady Fedorov. She knows the name of a witness who can connect Fedorov to war crimes. Hanley says Natalia requested Peter's help in the extraction out of Russia. Hanley also reveals that Fedorov's personal assassin, Alexa, is assigned to murder his former associates.

Natalia breaks into Fedorov's safe and copies old photos depicting a disheveled young girl with a younger Fedorov. She escapes and contacts the CIA extraction team. However, Fedorov alerts the FSB, who pursue Natalia through the streets of Moscow until Peter arrives and rescues her. Natalia, though surprised to see Peter, gives him a name, Mira Filipova, which Peter relays to Hanley.

Mason's team thinks Natalia is about to be captured by the Russians. CIA station chief, Perry Weinstein (Will Patton), gives the order to kill Natalia overruling Hanley's objections. Mason shoots Natalia who hands Peter her phone containing the copied photos as she dies. Peter intercepts and kills the CIA team until he faces Mason at gunpoint. Equally surprised by each other's presence, Mason and Devereaux walk away. Weinstein debriefs Mason on why he did not shoot, and reveals Devereaux and Natalia were a couple. Langley targets Devereaux to be killed and Hanley forcibly detained for interrogation.

Meanwhile, New York Times reporter Edgar Simpson tracks down refugee case worker Alice Fournier (Olga Kurylenko) and requests her assistance to write an exposé of Fedorov's alleged war crimes during the 2nd Chechen War. The assassin, Alexa, arrives in Belgrade, where a contact notifies her that Alice will meet Edgar in a restaurant. Peter also arrives in Belgrade and discovers that Alice is Mira's contact and tricks the CIA into tracking Alice's phone. He rescues Alice from Alexa and Mason's CIA team. Alice says that Mira pretended to be mute to Fedorov, who sexually abused her during the war. Mira actually spoke Russian and overheard Fedorov's conversations including the 'false flag' conspiracy to bomb a Russian Army building to initiate war and seizure of Chechen oil fields. A former Fedorov associate, Denisov, confirms the conspiracy and says the CIA actually bombed the building.

Weinstein goads Mason by revealing Devereaux recommended he be dropped from the agency due to his impulsivity. Devereaux and Alice have broken into the apartment across the street from Mason's residence to observe him. Mason dates his next door neighbor Sarah (Eliza Taylor), and they become intimate. Devereaux sends away Alice with cash and disposable cell phones ordering her to go where no one can find her. Devereaux breaks into Mason's apartment, holds Sarah hostage, and tests Mason's character by cutting her femoral artery before fleeing. Mason chooses to save Sarah, instead of pursuing Peter.

Fedorov arrives in Belgrade for an energy conference. Alice meets Edger at his apartment where Alexa ambushes and kills Edgar, but Alice escapes. Peter infiltrates the CIA black site where Hanley is being held and confronts him about the CIA's involvement with Fedorov in Chechnya. Hanley claims Weinstein aided Fedorov and reveals that Alice Fournier is actually Mira Filipova. Mason discovers the real Alice Fournier died years ago and Mira stole her identity.

Mira, disguised as a prostitute, goes to Fedorov's hotel to kill him for murdering her parents before abducting and abusing her. Peter tracks her down, defeats Fedorov's security, and interrogates Fedorov using Russian Roulette forcing him to reveal the CIA agent who conspired with him. Fedorov states it was Hanley, which Alice confirms after seeing him in a photo. Peter and Mira escape from the hotel when Peter knocks out Mason and leaves him Fedorov's recorded confession. However, when Mason and Celia present the evidence against Hanley, Langley has replaced Weinstein with Hanley.

Peter tells Mira to disappear before calling his daughter, Lucy. However, Hanley answers the phone having kidnapped Lucy. Peter convinces Mira to go to a train station and wait for him. There, she goes to a public computer to write her story regarding Fedorov, crediting Edgar with the story. Alexa tracks Mira at the station, but Mira outruns, ambushes and kills her with a shovel.

Peter meets with Hanley giving him false information that Mira is at the bus station. After dispatching Mason, Hanley reveals he intends to blackmail Federov, after he becomes the Russian president, with his involvement in the false flag attacks, forcing Russia to join NATO. This would effectively eliminate competition to 'U.S. hegemony', uniting the western nations and the former Eastern Bloc to prepare for what Hanley believes, "the next up-coming war with the Middle-East". However, Celia traces the phone call to the kidnappers' location where Mason rescues Lucy. After Hanley is subdued. Peter thanks Mason for saving Lucy and escapes with his daughter to the train station uniting with Mira who has transmitted her story to the New York Times.

Later, Mira testifies at the International Criminal Court about Fedorov's war crimes and the conspiracy, sabotaging Fedorov's campaign. He is later shot in the head by an unknown sniper while relaxing on his yacht.

Information about the Movie:

The November Man [2014 USA]

Durasi: 108 Minutes Genre: Action, Crime, Thriller Rating IMDB: 6,3 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2402157/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Director: Roger Donaldson
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Casts: Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko
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Information about the File:

The November Man [2014 USA Bluray 1080p GNL MB Google Drive]
Quality: Bluray 1080p GNL Size: MB
Audio: English

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