4 Nov 2015

Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead [2014 Australia BrRip 720p MKVCage 850 MB Google Drive]

Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead [2014 Australia BrRip 720p MKVCage 850 MB Google Drive]

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Wyrmwood (also known as Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead) is a 2014 Australian action-horror film and the feature film directorial debut of Kiah Roache-Turner. The film had its world premiere on 19 September 2014 at Fantastic Fest and follows a mechanic who finds himself faced with zombie hordes.

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

Mechanic Barry lives in the Australian outback with his wife Annie and daughter Meganne. One night, a meteor shower occurs; at the same time, while doing a photo shoot in a studio in Bulla Bulla, Barry's sister Brooke is attacked by her model and her assistant, who have suddenly become zombies. She calls Barry and warns him to get out of the city; he, Annie, and Meganne don gas masks, fight their way to the family car, and drive until Meganne removes her gas mask and becomes infected, as does Annie. Barry is forced to kill both of them with a nail gun; he then tries to shoot himself.

Barry is found by another survivor, Chalker, who knocks him out and puts him in his truck after Barry tries to kill himself with Chalker's gun. Barry asks Chalker to drive him to Bulla Bulla to pick up Brooke; unbeknownst to Barry, she has been taken by a military unit and held captive in the back of a truck, which serves as a mobile lab for Doc, a mad scientist with a love of disco music. While Doc experiments on the zombies in his truck as well as Brooke, Chalker's truck suddenly stalls and his lighter stops working. As the two begin to travel on foot, Chalker is accidentally shot by another survivor, Benny, who ends up teaming up with Barry. Benny is of Aboriginal heritage, and was forced to shoot his brother's legs off after he became infected on a hunting trip the night before. The two come across a garage staffed by Frank and his assistant, who allow them to stay and explain that after the shooting-stars incident, all flammable fuels have become useless. However, the four accidentally discover that zombie blood is flammable, as well as zombie breath; they devise a special engine to Frank's truck with a zombie in the back powering it and escape a horde. Frank's assistant becomes infected in the process and is put in the back of the truck for fuel.

The trio discover that zombies stop breathing the flammable gas at night, enabling them to run faster, and hole up in the truck overnight. Frank explains that he believes the zombies are the result of the meteor shower; as told in the Bible, a star called Wyrmwood has fallen, making part of the world bitter. After waking up from a nightmare, Barry catches a zombie on fire and accidentally sets the truck's compressor alight. While putting out the fire, Frank is bitten, and is killed by Barry after asking him to do it. The next day, Barry and Benny come across a military-driven electric-powered truck. The two drivers offer to lead Barry and Benny to Brooke, who they claim is in military custody a few miles down the road. On the drive, however, Brooke - having discovered that she can mentally control the zombies and escaped Doc's clutches, killing him in the process - escapes the truck and joins Barry and Benny.

Barry's truck stalls after the military men accidentally kill the zombie powering it in an attempt to shoot the three heroes; while taking a pit stop for Brooke to fetch them a zombie, Benny is shot in the stomach. They drive a while longer, but pull over to take care of Benny; the military soldiers catch up to them, however, and restrain Barry, Benny and Brooke. The military reveal that their plan is to kill Brooke, their escaped experiment, and take her head to their commanding officer. Barry asks Benny for his matches so he can blow up the truck; Benny, however, allows himself to be bitten, and as he becomes infected, Brooke is able to control him. He is able to shoot two of the three soldiers, but the third - the Captain - kills him and shoots Brooke in the chest. He challenges Barry to a fist-fight, but ends up leaving him back where he started, laying against the truck. However, after shooting another zombie, the Captain gets blood on his face; Barry gets hold of the matches and throws a lit match into the Captain's face, setting his head on fire. Just before Barry shoots him, Brooke - who survived the attack - sends a horde of zombies to eat the Captain alive.

Barry and Brooke, back on the road, come across the lab truck again. They ask the soldiers what they have in the back of the truck; when they refuse to answer, Brooke sends another horde of zombies after them with a smile.

Official Movie Trailer:

Information about the Movie:

Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead [2014 Australia]

Durasi: 98 Minutes Genre: Horror Rating IMDB: 6,2 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2535470/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Director: Kiah Roache-Turner
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Casts: Jay Gallagher, Bianca Bradey, Leon Burchill, Catherine Terracini, Meganne West
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Wyrmwood - Road of the Dead [2014 Australia BrRip 720p MKVCage 850 MB Google Drive]

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