3 Jan 2016

Today in movie history...

The Movie Timeline - it's like a timeline, but of movies


1785, 4th January, Jacob Grimm is born. [ The Brothers Grimm ]


1944, 4th January, U.S. aircraft begin dropping supplies to guerrilla forces throughout Western Europe. [ Ike: Countdown to D-Day ]


1952, 4th January, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna finishes his medical exams. [ The Motorcycle Diaries ]


1956, 4th January, John W. Creasy is born. [ Man on Fire ]


1962, 4th January, Mersey Beat newspaper contains the headline "Beatles Top Poll!". [ In His Life: The John Lennon Story ]


1970, 4th January, A student returns the book. [ American Pie Presents: The Book of Love ]


1976, 4th January, Rocky Balboa shocks the boxing world by lasting 15 rounds with heavyweight champ Apollo Creed - though Creed wins. [ Rocky ]


1978, 4th January, Capricorn One appears to take off for its mission to Mars - in fact the astronauts are secretly escorted to a studio in the desert. [ Capricorn One ]


1979, 4th January, Morrie Kessler is killed. [ Goodfellas ]


1981, 4th January, Deke and Fox raid a drug lab in The Bronx. Fox threatens one of the drug dealers with a shotgun when he tries to bribe them. Fox then gets very emotional when he sees a little kid that works in the drug lab. [ Nighthawks ]


1986, 4th January, Charlyne Yi is born. [ Paper Heart ]


1989, 4th January, Donny Berger is given a $100,000 check for the TV movie The Donny Berger Story. [ That's My Boy ]


1992, 4th January, Two college students, Robert Gambini & Stan Rothenstein, are arrested for murder; with the aid of Gambini's lawyer cousin, Vincent, the DA would later drop all charges. [ My Cousin Vinny ]


1997, 4th January, Jason Bourne joins the CIA. [ The Bourne Ultimatum ]


2006, 4th January, Paul Conroy is employed by CRT. [ Buried ]


1920, 3rd January, Babe Ruth purchased by the New York Yankees from the Boston Red Sox. [ The Babe ]
1920, 3rd January, Clive Candy is appointed commanding officer of troops in North China and relinquishes the temporary rank of Brigadier-General. [ The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp ]


1967, 3rd January, Jack Ruby dies of a pulmonary embolism. [ Ruby ]


1972, 3rd January, Gary King is born. [ The World's End ]


1985, 3rd January, Richard Chance arrests Carl Cody, one of Masters' associates, at an airport. [ To Live and Die in LA ]


2005, 3rd January, Maxwell Mart is terminated. [ The Bourne Ultimatum ]


1933, 2nd January, William "Kid" Gleason dies. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) [ Eight Men Out ]


1939, 2nd January, Time Magazine names Adolf Hitler Man of the Year 1938. [ Death at a Funeral ]


1958, 2nd January, Maria Callas walks off after the first act of a gala performance of Bellini's "Norma" claiming illness. (Rome, Italy) [ Callas Forever ]


1960, 2nd January, John F. Kennedy announces that he is a presidential candidate. (Washington D.C.) [ Killing Kennedy ]


1974, 2nd January, Richard Nixon signs the Emergency Highway Energy Conservation Act, setting a new national maximum speed limit. [ Nixon ]


1975, 2nd January, John Mitchell, John Ehrlichman and Bob Haldeman are found guilty on all counts. [ All the President's Men ]


1979, 2nd January, The trial opens for ex-Sex Pistol Sid Vicious, accused of murdering his girlfriend, Nancy Spungen in October 1978. [ Sid and Nancy ]


1988, 2nd January, Kyle Gatehouse is born. (Weston Falls, Illinois) [ Source Code ]


1989, 2nd January, Martin Asher kills Jason John and takes his identity. [ Taking Lives ]


1990, 2nd January, Rocky and his son Robert go to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Rocky gives him Marciano's cuff link. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) [ Rocky V ]


2009, 2nd January, Kyle Gatehouse's driver's license is issued. (Weston Falls, Illinois) [ Source Code ]


1300, 1st January, According to a lie, a spaceship lands. [ The Invention of Lying ]


1518, 1st January, Connor MacLeod born. [ Highlander ]


1824, 1st January, James K. Polk marries Sarah Childress. [ The Monroe Doctrine ]


1878, 1st January, John Tunstall is assassinated by Murphy's henchmen while hunting a pheasant. [ Young Guns ]


1885, 1st January, On the spot of New Year, Dr Emmett L Brown arrives in Hill Valley from 1955. [ Back to the Future Part III ]


1895, 1st January, J. Edgar Hoover is born. [ Hoover ]


1935, 1st January, Dolores 'Lolita' Haze born. [ Lolita ]


1959, 1st January, Mob boss Michael Corleone flees when Fidel Castro takes power. [ The Godfather: Part II ]
1959, 1st January, Gambler Jack Weil flees when Fidel Castro takes power. [ Havana ]
1959, 1st January, Norville Barnes falls from the 45th storey of the Hudsucker Building at the strike of midnight, yet survives. [ The Hudsucker Proxy ]


1964, 1st January, Christine "Christy" Boos is born. [ Children of the Corn ]
1964, 1st January, Charlotte and Kate Flax get drunk on wine and go to a local convent. While Charlotte loses her virginity in the belltower, Kate almost drowns in a nearby river. [ Mermaids ]


1967, 1st January, The now-illegal Radio Rock pirate radio ship attempts to avoid arrest by relocating, but its engines explode. As the ship sinks, the crew is saved by loyal fans. [ The Boat That Rocked ]


1968, 1st January, Sgt Barnes murders a Vietnamese woman, and his platoon burns their village. [ Platoon ]
1968, 1st January, The theoretical Zodiac killer confides to a colleague about his plans. [ Zodiac ]


1973, 1st January, 12:01am - The Poseidon, a luxury liner on its last voyage from Athens to New York, is struck by a 90ft tidal wave and capsizes. [ The Poseidon Adventure ]


1976, 1st January, Gunfight at Edward Hotel. [ Black Sunday ]
1976, 1st January, Dick Vermeil's UCLA Bruins defeat the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Rose Bowl. [ Invincible ]


1979, 1st January, The car Christine is destroyed... for now. [ Christine ]


1980, 1st January, Alan Abel dies of a heart attack on a ski trip. He gets better. [ Abel Raises Cain ]
1980, 1st January, At Molly's parents' house, Molly's dad shows Molly and Will's son Josh how to carve a chicken. [ Red Dragon ]


1983, 1st January, Christine "Christy" Boos is sacrificed. [ Children of the Corn ]


1987, 1st January, USS Montana discovers intellegent life underwater. [ The Abyss ]


1990, 1st January, After winning the heavyweight title by knocking out Union Cane, Tommy "The Machine" Gunn fights Rocky outside of a bar and loses. [ Rocky V ]


1993, 1st January, Jack Starks dies from a head injury, apparently. [ The Jacket ]


1995, 1st January, Bridget Jones meets Mark Darcy at Una & Geoffrey Alconbury's New Year's Day Turkey Curry Buffet. [ Bridget Jones's Diary ]


1998, 1st January, People show up at the hospital to show support for Bobby. His mother reveals to him that she was faking her illness and that his father left her. [ The Waterboy ]


2000, 1st January, Aldrich Killian watches fireworks. [ Iron Man 3 ]


2002, 1st January, Dre Parker's height is measured on New Year's Day. [ The Karate Kid ]


2003, 1st January, Dre Parker's height is measured on New Year's Day. [ The Karate Kid ]


2005, 1st January, Just past midnight, Police Sergeant Jake Roenick assembles cops and criminals within Precinct 13 to defend against a rogue mob. [ Assault on Precinct 13 ]


2006, 1st January, Alex Wyler has a depressing New Year, trying to forget about Kate Forster. [ The Lake House ]


2008, 1st January, Stu Preissler spots 29 bird species, Kenny Bostick spots 31, and Brad Harris only spots 1. [ The Big Year ]
2008, 1st January, Fred spends New Years with his family and girlfriend Wanda. [ Fred Claus ]


2009, 1st January, Ellie calls Brad and tells her that she broke up with Darren. The two of them start a relationship. [ The Big Year ]


2010, 1st January, Kate and Brad have a baby, the first to be born in the New Year in the local area. This is captured by a local news crew, thus informing their parents. [ Four Christmases ]


2011, 1st January, Seth and Kim kiss at midnight. Later, Seth cannot find her but keeps a napkin with a note from her saying to meet on the next New Year's Eve. [ New Year's Eve ]
2011, 1st January, UFC Revolution fight between Chris Leben and Brian Stann is broadcasted on pay-per-view. [ New Year's Eve ]


2012, 1st January, The new year begins at midnight. [ New Year's Eve ]


2020, 1st January, Andrew Davies' permanent resident card expires. [ Beastly ]


2028, 1st January, Weyland makes significant adjustments to the David android prototype, facilitating David [ Prometheus ]


2073, 1st January, Based on recent classified findings by Weyland researchers, the company determines the exact coordinates of a new destination for long-time pet project: Project Prometheus. New round of investment is immediately opened and mission planning enters full-swing. [ Prometheus ]


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