Pawn Sacrifice [2014 USA BrRip 720p ETRG 868 MB Google Drive]

Pawn Sacrifice [2014 USA BrRip 720p ETRG 868 MB Google Drive]

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Pawn Sacrifice is a 2014 American biographical thriller-drama film It is based on the true story of Bobby Fischer's challenge against top Soviet chess grandmasters during the Cold War and culminating in the 1972 World Chess Championship match versus Boris Spassky in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was directed by Edward Zwick and written by Steven Knight. The film stars Tobey Maguire as Bobby Fischer, Liev Schreiber as Boris Spassky, Lily Rabe as Joan Fischer, and Peter Sarsgaard as William Lombardy. It was released in the United States on September 16, 2015.

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

The film starts with a Bobby Fischer in a paranoid state ripping apart everything in his room, apparantly to check if he is spied upon by the Russians. There is a knock on the door and Bobby is afraid to open the door. He somehow how reluctantly opens the door. We are then taken into flashback, where Bobby is 6 years old in the middle of party at his home. He stares out of the window and it appears to him that someone is spying on him. He informs his mother about this. His mother tells explain him that people want to know what they are doing and mum's the word. His mother is a migrant from Moscow and supports communism. She is of the opinion that the revolution is about to begin, which is against the American capitalist principles and hence they are spied upon.

His sister takes him to bed, unable to sleep and to counter his loneliness he finds solace in chess. He immerses himself into chess that his worried mother takes him to a chess club and introduces to Nigro. He hopes that if he is defeated by someone may be his obsession with chess will wean off. Although Nigro defeats him, he convinces his mother that she should allow him to pursue chess. Nigro starts coaching him and from there onwards his journey in professional chess championship begins. Without fail every month he goes through Russian chess magazines which enlists moves of the latest games amongst the grand masters (mostly Russian) and evaluates them very minutely. Over a period of time he becomes the youngest grand master ever. His obsession with the game always keeps him at the edge of his sanity and results in frequent outbursts. His mother reluctantly leaves him, since he demands his own space so that he can focus on his game. He goes to Russia for a championship. There he observes that the Russian grand masters are drawing games without much of effort and realises that this is an elaborate arrangement to isolate Fischer from the championship. He accuses that the format along with the collusion, makes it impossible for a non-Soviet player to win the championship. He gets angry at this and quits the tournament and ends his professional career. When he returns to US he comes across a government lawyer Paul Marshall, so says that he will help him fix the tournament rules. He offer his services free of cost on the pretext that he is a patriot and would want to give Bobby a fare chance to win the tournament.

Now the format of the game fixed Bobby re-enters the world of professional chess. He selects Lombardy as his second, who is currently a vicar. Lombardy is assigned another role of keeping Bobby's whimsical nature under control. Bobby is back to his winning ways and starts getting more whimsical. He starts making demands at the very last moment and he is so adamant with his demands that he offers to quit chess on trivial things like number of oranges he can carry on the plane. Quickly he overcomes most of the grand masters across the world and now close to the world championship. He becomes a celebrity with the American public. An overconfident Bobby losses against Boris Spassky in California, which he simply cannot come to terms with. He has only one obsession now, to defeat Spassky.

Finally Bobby is to play a 25 match series with current world champion Boris Spassky at was Reykjavík, Iceland. It is the height of the cold war era and the US is desperate to challenge the intellectual capital of Russians which is represented with this dominance in the world of chess. The US government sees Bobby as someone who can takes on the Soviet machine and possibly crush them too. The White House is now closely monitoring the his progress. Inch by inch the self inflicted pressure to win every game drives Bobby towards insanity. His sister is very worried about him since she is not able to meet him or call him over the phone. She meets Paul and reads out some of Bobby's recent letters to her. She tells her that she has consulted her psychiatric friend regarding Bobby's mental state reflected from his letters. She suspects that Bobby is under severe mental stress and suggests Paul should do something. Paul under severe pressure from the White House is reluctant to acknowledge her conclusive evidences.

Here Bobby starts making more and more demands like the prize money be doubled, his food be prepared in the plane in front of him, etc. At the same time is under the paranoia that the Soviets are secretly planning to kill him because they know that he would defeat Boris. Lombardy quits since he is not able to handle him anymore. Paul does everything in his capacity to fulfill all his demands. On they day of their departure Bobby just runs from the airport when he sees reporter. To utter embarrassment of the US govt he misses the opening ceremony. The white house now intervenes and arranges a discrete departure from him away from the public eyes. The President of the US has installed a TV in his office, for now this is a new front opened in the era of the cold war and the stakes are very high as the US has lost on Vietnam front. Reporters and fans all assemble at Reykjavík to witness the historic moment. The tournament begins. Bobby is easily distracted by small noises like someone coughing in the audience, rolling cameras or the pawns on the chess board. Boris wins the first game. To everyone's dismay Bobby comes up with another list of demands like no audience, noiseless camera, tournament in the ping pong ball court, etc. He doesn't turn up for the second game and Boris wins through forfeit. He thinks that he is a victim of Soviet plan to kill him and we see him from the first scene where he is ripping apart everything in his room.

Lombardy returns to help Bobby. Everyone is disappointed. Boris concedes to all his demands to make sure the tournament so that he can win the tournament in the right spirit. The next game is held in ping pong ball court, with a noiseless camera. This game Bobby wins this game by surprising Boris with his opening moves and unconventional tactics. Bobby ultimately goes on to win the tournament. Although he wins the tournament, his delusions have destroyed him completely and he goes into self imposed exile.

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Pawn Sacrifice [2014 USA]

Durasi: 115 Minutes Genre: Biography, Drama Rating IMDB: 7,1 dari 10

Director: Edward Zwick
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Casts: Tobey Maguire, Liev Schreiber, Peter Sarsgaard, Robin Weigert
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Pawn Sacrifice [2014 USA BrRip 720p ETRG 868 MB Google Drive]

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