28 Jul 2016

Goosebumps [2015] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [ShAaNiG] [900MB] [Google Drive]

Goosebumps [2015] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [ShAaNiG] [900MB] [Google Drive]

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"Goosebumps is a 2015 American horror comedy film based on the children's book series of the same name by R.L. Stine, directed by Rob Letterman, produced by Deborah Forte and Neal H. Moritz, written by Darren Lemke with music by Danny Elfman and based from a story by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. The film stars Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Amy Ryan, Halston Sage, Ryan Lee, and Jillian Bell. It was financed by Sony, LStar Capital and Village Roadshow Pictures and also produced by Original Film and Scholastic Entertainment.

The film premiered at Los Angeles on October 5, 2015 and was theatrically released on October 16, 2015 in the 3D, 2D and RealD 3D formats in the United States by Sony Pictures Entertainment under its Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation labels. Goosebumps has grossed over $150 million against its $84 million budget. It received nominations for the Las Vegas Film Critics Society for Best Family Film and the Visual Effects Society for Outstanding Visual Effects in a Special Venue Project."

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

"Zach Cooper and his mother Gale move to the town of Madison, Delaware. While settling in, Zach meets his new neighbor Hannah and her overprotective father ""Mr. Shivers"". Zach and Hannah become quick friends, but Mr. Shivers warns Zach to avoid contact with them. At Madison High School where Gale works as the vice-principal, Zach befriends Champ, a socially awkward student. Later that evening Hannah comes to Zach and takes him to an abandoned amusement park out in the woods where they watch the sun set together on top of the Ferris wheel. When they get back home, Mr. Shivers appears and again warns Zach to stay away from them or something bad would happen.

The next night, Zach hears Mr. Shivers and Hannah arguing, followed by Hannah screaming and something crashing. Zach calls the police, but Mr. Shivers assures the officers that the noise came from his television. Fearing Hannah is in danger, Zach tricks Mr. Shivers into going to the police station for further questioning and breaks into his house with Champ's help. The two find a shelf containing many Goosebumps manuscripts, all of which are locked. Frustrated by Champ's curiosity Zach unlocks one of the books, but when Hannah discovers them, Zach drops the book, releasing the Abominable Snowman of Pasadena. They pursue the monster to an ice skating rink, where Mr. Shivers appears and imprisons it back into the book.

On the way home, Mr. Shivers reveals that he is Goosebumps author R.L. Stine. He created the stories as a child to terrorize the people that made fun of him, but the monsters came to life and became uncontrollable, so he trapped them in the manuscripts. Returning to the house, they find Slappy waiting for them. Angry at being imprisoned, Slappy burns his own manuscript and flees. They are attacked by living lawn gnomes, but when Stine and the kids try to smash them, each of the gnomes reform, making them realize that they can only run away.

Slappy releases several monsters, letting them rampage under his command. Zach suggests Stine to write a new book that will trap every monster, but he can only do it with his special typewriter which is at the high school. On the way there, the invisible boy from ""My Best Friend is Invisible"" and a giant praying mantis from ""Shocker on Shock Street"" attack Stine's car, so they are forced into hiding. The Werewolf of Fever Swamp pursues them into an abandoned supermarket, only to be run over by Zach's aunt Lorraine in the parking lot.

As they cut through the cemetery, Zach notices that Hannah glows blue in the moonlight. They are then chased by the graveyard ghouls from ""Attack of The Graveyard Ghouls"", but manage to escape. When they arrive at the school, Zach privately questions Stine about Hannah. Stine reveals that she is a character he created to cope with his loneliness, of which she is seemingly unaware. Stine finds the typewriter and starts writing a new story based on the events around them, while Zach leads the students in fending off all the released monsters that are storming the building. Slappy confronts Stine and breaks his fingers with the typewriter case before the story is finished.

Stine, Zach, Champ and Hannah board use a school bus to trick the monsters, and ride another school bus to go to the abandoned amusement park. There, Slappy lets out the big pink blob from ""The Blob that Ate Everyone"". Stine hands the book and typewriter to Zach, and distracts the blob by allowing it to devour him. Zach finishes the story(As all monsters are coming) on top of the Ferris wheel which is then attacked by the praying mantis and it rolls down toward where the bus is parked. They get out alive, but Zach is reluctant to open the book because Hannah will also be sucked inside it. Revealing she knew the truth about herself all along, Hannah opens the book, sucking all the other monsters into it. The blob spits Stine out as it is sucked in. Stine is then attacked by an enraged Slappy, but he manages to kick him into the vortex, Slappy shouts ""See you in your dreams!"" as he is sucked into the book. Zach tries to hold on to Hannah but she accepts her fate and bids farewell to Zach with a kiss before she is also sucked in.

Sometime later, Stine has started working as Zach's English teacher and is in a relationship with Lorraine. After class, Zach asks Stine if he misses Hannah. Stine says she will always be in their minds and hearts, and then points down the hallway where to Zach's surprise and delight, Hannah is standing there. Stine reveals to Zach that he wrote her back into reality with another book. Hannah and Zach kiss and leave school together while Stine burns Hannah's manuscript, making her permanently real. As he prepares to leave the school, he sees the typewriter typing by itself inside its display case. To Stine's horror, the invisible boy has evaded imprisonment and begins writing a new story titled ""The Invisible Boy's Revenge"" as he quotes ""You forgot about me!""."

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Information about the Movie:

Goosebumps [2015 USA]

Durasi: 103 Minutes Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy Rating IMDB: 6,8 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1051904/?ref_=nv_sr_1

Director: Rob Letterman
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Casts: Jack Black, Dylan Minnette, Odeya Rush, Halston Sage
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Goosebumps [2015] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [ShAaNiG] [900MB] [Google Drive]

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