10 Jul 2016

Kapoor and Sons [2016] [Asia] [India] [Bluray 720p] [ShAaNiG] [965MB] [Google Drive]

Kapoor and Sons [2016] [Asia] [India] [Bluray 720p] [ShAaNiG] [965MB] [Google Drive]

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"Kapoor & Sons is an Indian Hindi-language comedy-drama film directed by Shakun Batra and produced by Karan Johar, Hiroo Yash Johar, and Apoorva Mehta under the banners of Dharma Productions and Fox Star Studios. The film stars an ensemble cast including Rishi Kapoor, Sidharth Malhotra, Fawad Khan, Ratna Pathak, Rajat Kapoor, and Alia Bhatt. Kapoor & Sons tells the story of two estranged brothers who return to their dysfunctional family after their grandfather suffers a cardiac arrest.

The film was released worldwide on 18 March 2016. Made on a budget of ₹35 crore (US$5.2 million), the film earned over ₹152 crore (US$23 million) worldwide."

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

"Estranged brothers Rahul (Fawad Afzal Khan) and Arjun Kapoor (Sidharth Malhotra) are compelled to return to their childhood home in Coonoor when their 90-year-old grandfather Amarjeet (Rishi Kapoor) suffers a heart attack. Their parents, Harsh and Sunita Kapoor (Rajat Kapoor and Ratna Pathak) also reside here. Rahul is a writer, who personifies the image of successful young man who appears to be the most mature person in the family. On the other hand, Arjun struggles to find a job he can stick with and resorts to running a website and works part-time as a bartender to make ends meet and writes in the meantime. Rahul is loved more by his parents for being successful. This doesn't go well with Arjun. While the brothers struggle to get along, the parents, Harsh and Sunita Kapoor too are troubled with their own marriage. Harsh is discouraging of Sunita's wish to open a catering business and Sunita brings up Harsh's old affair which proves to be an existing problem in their relationship.

The brothers visit their grandfather Amarjeet, who is now placed in an ICU. To receive treatment, Amarjeet needs to be sent to Bengaluru. When the issue of money arises, Harsh suggests to borrow money from his brother, which irks Sunita. When Arjun intervenes, Rahul belittles his presence and they fight. While living under one roof, family secrets unravel and misunderstandings are on the verge of turning into tragedy. Amarjeet however does not want to go to Bengaluru and has just two wishes. His first wish to be buried in an army burial with his old friends. His second wish is to take a family photo titled ""Kapoor & Sons, Since 1921"".

Arjun is reunited with his old friend Wasim, who invites him to a party and there he meets Tia Malik (Alia Bhatt). At first sight, Arjun and Tia hit it off and party together. Rahul visits an old property which he wants to purchase to use as an art studio. The property happens to belong to Tia, inherited from her late parents. Tia finds Rahul attractive and they later go out for dinner. However Rahul appears to be shocked as she spontaneously kisses him. Tia reveals to Arjun that she lost her parents at the age of thirteen and lives alone. Arjun too reveals that Rahul's bestseller novel's idea was similar to his but he never confronted his brother so as to not break the family apart. Later Tia admits her love for Arjun but regrets involving herself with Rahul unnecessarily.

Amarjeet is discharged and the Kapoor family throws a party to celebrate his birthday. Arjun invites Tia and discovers that she and Rahul already knew each other. Arjun fears that Rahul and Tia have something between them, but Rahul later clarifies that he is not interested in her as he is already in a committed relationship in London. The party goes on well but problems arise when the family find out that Harsh has invited Anu, whom he had an affair with. Sunita acts out and a fight ensues between her and Harsh causing the party to end. Amarjeet brings the family together and takes a family photo of the four of them, temporarily uniting them. After the Kapoors have an extended family gathering, Harsh and Sunita reminisce on old times and how happy they were. Harsh gives his support to Sunita to start her business and apologises for losing all their money.

The Kapoor family fulfill one of Amarjeet's last wishes to take a family photo, however secrets are revealed and confrontations take place. Rahul finds his father's car outside Anu's house and realises he is lying. Sunita discovers photos on Rahul's computer revealing that the relationship he has in London is actually with another man. Tia tells Arjun what happened between her and Rahul, calling it a mistake. Arjun finds out Rahul has been reading his script, enraged he beats up Rahul and confronts him of stealing his first story. A shaken and upset Sunita then reveals to Arjun that she gave Rahul his story thinking Arjun had no interest in following up. Harsh, who had left home in the heat of the moment, dies in a car accident. Rahul comes out of the closet to Arjun and both of them leave for London and New Jersey respectively.

After four months, the duo receive a video message from Amarjeet, in which he requests them to come back as he is feeling alone. Sunita comes to terms with Rahul's homosexuality. The misunderstanding between Arjun and Tia is cleared up and they kiss. Amarjeet again wishes to take a family photo where they place a cutout of Harsh in his memory. They click their photo and Amarjeet's wish of a family picture is completed with the title, ""Kapoor & Sons, Since 1921""."

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Information about the Movie:

Kapoor and Sons [2016 India]

Durasi: 132 Minutes Genre: Drama Rating IMDB: 8 dari 10

Director: Shakun Batra
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Casts: Alia Bhatt, Anahita Oberoi, Fawad Khan, Sidharth Malhotra
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Kapoor and Sons [2016] [Asia] [India] [Bluray 720p] [ShAaNiG] [965MB] [Google Drive]

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