7 Sep 2016

Pirates Of The Caribbean I The Curse Of The Black Pearl [2003] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [Ganool] [1400MB] [Top IMDB 233] [Google Drive]

Pirates Of The Caribbean I The Curse Of The Black Pearl [2003] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [Ganool] [1400MB] [Top IMDB 233] [Google Drive]

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"Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is a 2003 American fantasy swashbuckler film based on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction at Disney theme parks. It was directed by Gore Verbinski and produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Jerry Bruckheimer. The story follows pirate Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) and blacksmith Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) as they rescue the kidnapped Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) from the cursed crew of the Black Pearl, captained by Hector Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), who become undead skeletons at night.

Jay Wolpert developed a script based on the theme park ride in 2001, and Stuart Beattie rewrote it in early 2002. Around that time, producer Jerry Bruckheimer became involved in the project; he had Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio work on the script, adding the supernatural curse to the storyline. Filming took place from October 2002 to March 2003 in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and on sets constructed around Los Angeles, California.

The world premiere was held at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, on June 28, 2003. The film became the first in a series, with two back-to-back sequels, Dead Man's Chest and At World's End, released in 2006 and 2007. A fourth film, On Stranger Tides, was released in 2011 and a fifth film, Dead Men Tell No Tales, is scheduled for release in 2017.

The film received positive reviews from critics and was an unexpected success, grossing over $654 million worldwide with many considering it to be the finest film in the series itself. Johnny Depp's portrayal of Jack Sparrow was universally praised, winning him the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role and earned him nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actor, BAFTA Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role, and Golden Globe Award for Best Actor – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. The Curse of the Black Pearl was also nominated for four other Academy Awards and BAFTAs."

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

"In the early 18th Century while sailing to Port Royal, Jamaica, Governor Weatherby Swann, his daughter Elizabeth, and Lieutenant James Norrington encounter a shipwreck and recover a boy, Will Turner. Elizabeth discovers a golden pirate medallion around his neck, keeping it so as to protect him. Elizabeth sees a ghost ship vanish into the fog.

Eight years later, Norrington is promoted to Commodore and proposes to Elizabeth, but her corset makes her faint and fall into the sea. Captain Jack Sparrow comes to Port Royal to commandeer a ship, and rescues her. Norrington identifies Jack, and a chase ensues. Jack encounters Will, now a blacksmith and swordsman. They duel, and Jack is captured and imprisoned.

That night, the Black Pearl, which Elizabeth saw as a child, attacks Port Royal searching for the medallion. Pirates capture Elizabeth, taking her to meet Captain Barbossa for negotiations. Elizabeth claims her last name is Turner, to conceal her identity as the governor's daughter, but Barbossa takes her prisoner. Elizabeth learns that after Barbossa's crew took the treasure of Cort├ęs from Isla de Muerta, they were cursed as immortals; they appear as skeletons in moonlight. To lift the curse, they need to return all 882 gold pieces with the blood of the owner of each piece. Elizabeth's medallion is the final piece.

Will Turner frees Jack to rescue his love Elizabeth. Jack agrees upon learning Will’s surname. The two commandeer the HMS Interceptor and head for Tortuga to recruit a crew, including Jack’s friend Joshamee Gibbs. Jack reveals that Will’s father Bootstrap Bill Turner was a pirate. Gibbs tells Will that Jack was captain of the Black Pearl until Barbossa mutinied and marooned him. At Isla de Muerta, Will and Jack witness Barbossa sacrificing Elizabeth's blood and the final gold piece. The curse is not lifted because the medallion belonged to Bootstrap Bill, making Will the owner by bloodline. Will rescues Elizabeth and brings her to the Interceptor, while Jack and his crew confront Barbossa aboard the Pearl and get locked in the brig.

The Pearl pursues the Interceptor, taking the crew hostage and destroying the ship. Will makes a deal with Barbossa to release Elizabeth in exchange for his blood, but Barbossa exploits a loophole in the agreement, marooning Jack and Elizabeth on the island Jack was left on before. Elizabeth makes a smoke signal, and Commodore Norrington brings the HMS Dauntless to rescue Elizabeth and arrest Jack. Elizabeth requests Norrington to return for Will, convincing him by accepting his marriage proposal.

That night, the Dauntless arrives at Isla de Muerta. Jack plans to lure the pirates out to be ambushed by the crew of the Dauntless, but the plan goes awry when Barbossa's crew walks underwater to attack Dauntless. Elizabeth escapes the Dauntless and frees Jack’s crew from the Pearl. They refuse to rescue Will, so Elizabeth sets out on her own.

Jack reaches a deal with Barbossa to operate a pirate fleet, but suddenly frees Will and duels Barbossa, while Elizabeth and Will fight off Barbossa's crew. Barbossa stabs Jack, but he is revealed to be under the curse, having taken a piece of gold from Cortez’s chest. Jack reveals the deception as a coup to win back the Pearl. Jack shoots Barbossa, and Will drops the medallion into the chest, with his blood on it. The curse is lifted, causing Barbossa to die from Jack's gunshot; the rest of Barbossa's crew are defeated by the Navy.

At Port Royal, Jack is led to the gallows to be hanged for piracy. Elizabeth diverts Norrington's attention and Will attempts a rescue, but Will and Jack are surrounded and held at gunpoint. Elizabeth intercedes and declares her love for Will, leaving Norrington crestfallen. Jack dives into the sea and escapes aboard the Black Pearl, which is waiting nearby. Governor Swann pardons Will and gives his blessing for Elizabeth to marry him. Norrington permits Jack and the Pearl ""one day's head start"" before initiating pursuit.

In a post-credits scene, Barbossa’s pet monkey steals a piece of gold from the chest and regains immortality."

Official Movie Trailer:

Information about the Movie:

Pirates Of The Caribbean I The Curse Of The Black Pearl [2003 USA]

Durasi: 143 Minutes Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Rating IMDB: 8,1 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0325980

Director: Gore Verbinski
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Casts: Geoffrey Rush, Jack Davenport, Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom
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SCREEN SHOTS Pirates Of The Caribbean I The Curse Of The Black Pearl [2003] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [Ganool] [1400MB] [Top IMDB 233] [Google Drive]

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Pirates Of The Caribbean I The Curse Of The Black Pearl [2003] [West] [USA] [Bluray 720p] [Ganool] [1400MB] [Top IMDB 233] [Google Drive]

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