19 Oct 2016

Warcraft [2016] [West] [USA] [Bluray HEVC 720p] [ShAaNiG] [760MB] [Google Drive]

Warcraft [2016] [West] [USA] [Bluray HEVC 720p] [ShAaNiG] [760MB] [Google Drive]

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"Warcraft (alternatively known as Warcraft: The Beginning) is a 2016 American fantasy film directed by Duncan Jones and written by Jones, Charles Leavitt and Chris Metzen. It is based on the Warcraft video game series and novels set in the world of Azeroth. The film stars Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Toby Kebbell, Ben Schnetzer, Robert Kazinsky and Daniel Wu. The film portrays the initial encounters between the humans and the orcs and takes place in a variety of locations established in the video game series. The film was first announced in 2006 as a project partnership between Legendary Pictures and the game's developer, Blizzard Entertainment.

Warcraft premiered in Los Angeles on June 6, 2016, and was released by Universal Pictures in the United States on June 10, 2016. The film received negative reviews and has grossed over $171 million."

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

"Draenor, the homeworld of the orcs, is dying. A green-skinned orc named Gul'dan (Daniel Wu) unites the orcish clans into an army called the Horde, promising to lead them to a new, lush world — Azeroth. However, the strange chaotic magic that Gul'dan wields, called fel, requires draining life to sustain the portal; through sacrificing the captive Draenei, Gul'dan leads a small warband to capture prisoners en masse on the other side and sacrifice them to bring the whole Horde through. Despite their doubts, Durotan (Toby Kebbell), the chieftain of the Frostwolf clan, his pregnant mate Draka (Anna Galvin), and his friend Orgrim Doomhammer (Robert Kazinsky) all join this initial strike force. While crossing through the portal, Draka starts to get pains in her stomach when she arrives on the other side she begins to give birth. Seeing that Draka is pregnant, many other Orcs in the warband are angry that Durotan would allow his pregnant wife through the portal. Gul'dan assists Draka with her birth, but the baby is stillborn. Gul'dan uses the life force of a nearby deer to infuse fel magic into the baby.

Sir Anduin Lothar (Travis Fimmel), the military commander of the kingdom of Stormwind, is in Ironforge with King Magni Bronzebeard (Michael Adamthwaite). Magni shows Anduin that he has a gift for him and opens a case to reveal a Boomstick. A dwarf runs up to them both to deliver a report that some human villages have been raided. Anduin makes his way back to Stormwind to look over the men that were killed and is a told someone was caught inspecting the dead bodies. This is revealed to be a young mage named Khadgar (Ben Schnetzer), who noticed that the villagers were killed using fel magic. Khadgar persuades Lothar and Llane Wrynn: King of Stormwind (Dominic Cooper), to consult Medivh (Ben Foster), the fabled Guardian. Khadgar himself doesn't wish to explain since he has renounced his vows to the Kirin Tor ""a faction of mages ruling over the city of Dalaran"". Llane sends Anduin and Khadgar to Karazhan to summon the help of the guardian. At Karazhan, Anduin tells Medivh, who is seen sculpting a Golem out of clay, that the king has summoned the guardian. Meanwhile, Khadgar is in the library downstairs and is drawn to a particular book by a ghostly shadow. He proceeds to take the book and put it his bag.

Following traces of fel magic, the scouting team including Lothar, Khadgar and Medivh is ambushed by orcs. They fend off the ambush with help from a spell cast by Medivh that kills all green orcs nearby. The spell has no effect on Durotan, Orgrim, and the Horde's warchief Blackhand (Clancy Brown) and they are able to escape. Durotan sees Garona (Paula Patton), a half-orc and Gul'dan's slave, chained to a dead orc and he breaks the chain allowing her to try and run. However, Khadgar is able to restrain her and she is captured. King Llane frees her in exchange for loyalty to Stormwind and she leads the humans to spy on the orc camp where they learn of Gul'dan's plan to bring the entire Horde. Meanwhile, Durotan realizes that Gul'dan's fel magic was what caused Draenor to wither in the first place and if he is not stopped, Azeroth will suffer the same fate. Despite Orgrim's objections, Durotan by way of Garona invites King Llane to a secret meeting so that the Frostwolf Clan and humans can unite to kill Gul'dan. Studying a book found in Medivh's library, Khadgar learns that Gul'dan could not have opened the portal on his own — he had help from Azeroth.

At the Orcs and Humans' negotiations, they are ambushed by Blackhand who is loyal to Gul'dan. As the humans retreat, Anduin Lothar’s son Callan (Burkely Duffield) is separated from him due to a magical barrier created by Medivh and killed by Blackhand himself as a sort of revenge for Anduin shooting off Blackhand's left hand with a Boomstick. Medivh is severely weakened, so Garona and Khadgar take him back to Karazhan to bathe in the mana pool. While placing him in the pool, Khadgar sees Medivh's eyes light up green, a sign that he is infected by fel magic. Khadgar leaves Garona to watch over Medivh while he goes to the Dalaran to seek the help of the Kirin Tor. Medivh later awakes and speaks to Garona about love and urges her to seek out Anduin and teleports her back to Stormwind. He then gets back into the mana pool it then starts to turn green with fel magic.

At Stormwind, Garona speaks to a drunken Anduin who reveals that he no longer trusts Medivh. The King holds a war council at which he proposes using a number of legions to contain the Orc threat. Lothar is critical of this plan, asking what will happen once the portal is completed and open, advising an outright strike at the portal to destroy it. In a heated exchange with Medivh, Lothar becomes aggressive and is imprisoned by the King to calm down.

At the Orc camp, Orgrim Doomhammer momentarily sides with Gul'dan and is offered to take fel magic. Durotan is held captive while Blackhand purges his clan. Orgrim regrets siding against Durotan, secretly frees him, and helps Draka escape with her and Durotan’s child. Draka is killed in the pursuit, but not before sending the baby downriver in a papyrus basket. In Dalaran, the flying city of the mages, Khadgar learns from Alodi (Glenn Close), a legendary guardian of the realm who is kept in maximum security that Medivh has been corrupted by fel magic. It turns out that the Guardian has long been fighting an uneven battle against demonic possession, and eventually gives in to it. Durotan challenges Gul'dan to single combat, but the warlock is forced to resort to killing Durotan by draining his life when he is physically outmatched, thus violating the rules of honorable combat to the orcs' disgust. Orgrim Doomhammer proclaims he will not follow Gul'dan and other Orcs side with Orgrim, but Gul'dan drains their life so that the Orcs remain on his side. Medivh, now in a half-demonic state, starts to open the portal. Gul'dan aids in opening the portal by sacrificing the captured human villagers to allow the rest of the horde to go through the portal.

The human army, led by King Llane, arrives at the gate to see Durotan's corpse strung up and realize the human army will get no help from the Frostwolves but still they come charging into battle. Khadgar helps Lothar break out of prison, and together they fight Medivh and exorcise the demon inside him. Medivh is left mortally wounded, using the last of his strength to close the orcish portal and instead open a portal to the city of Stormwind, allowing Llane to evacuate most of the freed human prisoners.

Llane and only a few Stormwind warriors are left along with Garona, when the portal closes with Medivh's last breath. To save at least one of them, Llane secretly orders Garona to kill him and thus restore her honor with the Horde. Garona does so, reluctantly and in tears, and is welcomed into the Horde by Gul'dan. As the Orcs celebrate, Lothar swoops in on his gryphon to try and retrieve King Llane's body. Anduin and his gryphon take out a number of Orcs, but as they try to flee, the gryphon is pulled down and Anduin blacks out momentarily. He awakens in a circle of Orcs with Blackhand on the opposite side of him challenging him to single combat. Anduin is able to beat Blackhand, thus avenging his son. Against Gul'dan's wishes, the Orcs, bound by tradition, allow him to depart with Llane's body.

The film ends at King Llane's funeral at the Stormwind Cathedral at which the leaders of the human nations as well as the High Elves and Dwarves proclaim the Alliance and rally behind Lothar. Elsewhere, the papyrus basket with Durotan and Draka's infant son Go'el, is found by a human who calls for an unseen person to come take a look. Baby Go'el then snarls."

Official Movie Trailer:

Information about the Movie:

Warcraft [2016 USA]

Durasi: 123 Minutes Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Rating IMDB: 7,8 dari 10
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0803096/

Director: Duncan Jones
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Casts: Travis Fimmel, Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper
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Warcraft [2016] [West] [USA] [Bluray HEVC 720p] [ShAaNiG] [760MB] [Google Drive]

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