4 Sep 2018

Guidance | How to Download from Google Drive Link Protector (GDLP) | pahe.in | file.IDFL.me | gdlp.me | et cetera

Guidance | How to Download from Google Drive Link Protector

1. Set up a Google Drive account (Google email), it is advisable not a personal account or one that contains data / important emails
2. Go to site file.idfl.me then login (top right of page) with google account that already prepared
3. Give permission (click Allow) to GDLP (will be prompted every login)
4. Copy and Paste the link to browser, or click the file link that you want to download
5. After entering the Download page, scroll down and search the Download File button
6. GDLP will copy the file to your GD, when ready, a typical GD display will appear
7. Select Download Anyway and download as usual from GD
8. After the download is complete, the file in your GD can be removed to clear the space.

- The principle of GDLP is copying the file from uploader account to your google drive. So you will download from your google drive link.
- When appears "Error: The user has exceeded their Drive storage quota", which means your google drive is full (free google drive account have only 15 GB space), so please delete the data partially or completely.
- Files that is deleted will go to the trash, permanently delete them from there to gain free space.

*** FOR IDFL Google Drive ACCESS ***
VIVALDI browser (for PC Only)
User Agent Switcher Ekstension for chrome (turn on + pick IE 10 or 11)

Panduan | Cara Download dari Google Drive Link Protector
1. Siapkan akun Google Drive (email google), disarankan bukan akun pribadi atau yang mengandung data/email penting.
2. Masuk ke situs file.idfl.me lalu login (kanan atas halaman) dengan akun google yang sudah disiapkan
3. Berikan akses (klik Allow) untuk GDLP (akan diminta setiap login)
4. Copy Paste link ke browser, atau klik link file yang akan didownload
5. Setelah masuk halaman Download, scroll kebawah dan cari tombol Download File
6. GDLP akan mengcopy file ke GD agan, begitu siap, tampilan khas GD akan muncul.
7. Pilih Download Anyway dan download seperti biasa dari GD.
8. Setelah download selesai, file di GD agan bisa dihapus untuk melegakan space.

- Prinsip GDLP adalah mengcopykan file dari akun GD uploader ke akun GD kita. Jadi kita downloadnya dari link GD kita sendiri.
- Bila muncul "Error: The user has exceeded their Drive storage quota", artinya GD agan sudah penuh (akun google drive gratis cuma 15 GB), Silahkan hapus data sebagian atau seluruhnya.
- File yg dihapus akan masuk ke trash/tempat sampah, hapus permanen dari sana untuk melegakan space.

Guidance | Why we need GDLP / Google Drive Link Protector


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