6 Sep 2018

Guidance | Why We Need Google Drive Link Protector (GDLP)

Guidance | Why we need Google Drive Link Protector (GDLP)

GDLP (Google Drive Link Protector) is a link protector script to protect your shared files in google drive account that violating DMCA or Google Drive ToS. For example you share file like this “https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OUbrTIgh8_ehCM7EGKQiQCcLTdHBDWIW/view” which is guaranteed to get DMCA and any time soon that file will be deleted by google, or even worse your Google Account will be suspended.

Protect your Google Drive links using GDLP before sharing it to Forum, Blog or Social Media. Using GDLP, the files in your Google Drive will remain safe, and your Google Drive account will not get suspended.

Guidance | How to Download from GDLP / Google Drive Link Protector


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