6 Jun 2019

Coherence [2013] [West] [USA] [1080p BluRay ] [YIFY] [1240MB][Google Drive]

Chips [2017] [West] [USA] [BrRip 720p] [MKVCage] [951MB] [Google Drive]

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"Coherence is an American science fiction thriller film directed by James Ward Byrkit in his directorial debut. The film had its world debut on September 19, 2013 at the Austin Fantastic Fest and stars Emily Baldoni as a woman who must deal with strange occurrences following a comet sighting."

Sinopsis / Summary / Plot / Resensi / Ringkasan Cerita / Reviu:

The film involves eight people at a dinner party. During their dinner, there is a comet that is passing over them. This causes their house and the occupants to intertwine with multiple such houses and occupants from other realities. There is a dark zone in between the realities. When people pass through the dark zone, they leave their reality and enter another reality at random. The one person which the movie constantly follows is Emily (referred as Emily Prime hereafter). A powercut occurs initially, and this marks the start of the intertwined realities. At a distance, outside, they see a house with lights on. They don’t know it’s the same house from another reality. At first, two of the guys exit the house to go make a phone call from the “other house” and cross over into another reality. Their doubles come in from another reality. No one realizes this switch. As the story unfolds, they begin to realize that the other house is actually another version of theirs. But the group initially assumes that there are only two houses from two realities. Later, they realize that there are multiple realities and that, once the comet passes, each reality will be stuck permanently with whoever stays in it. As time passes, different groups of people leave the house and cross over the dark zone. This results in everyone getting jumbled across different realities. Due to past events between people in the group, there are various fights that break out. Emily Prime is frustrated and leaves on her own. She wanders from one reality to another. Each of the realities have gotten into fights of their own. In each reality, people have gotten mixed up from different realities, and there is chaos. Finally, she stumbles upon one reality where no one is fighting. In this reality, they have never had a powercut—the event that kick-starts the happenings of the Prime Reality. The group is intact and hence is having a normal evening. Emily Prime wants to replace the Emily from this reality and take on her life and be happy. Emily Prime sneaks up on her double and drugs her. First, she throws her in the trunk and later attacks her in the bathroom and puts her in the bathtub. Emily Prime then heads to the living room and faints. She wakes up the next morning on the sofa and does not see her double anywhere around. Emily Prime leaves the house and meets Kevin outside. His phone rings, and he looks at his cell phone and states the call is from Emily. Upon answering the call, he gives a suspicious look towards Emily Prime, and she stares back with guilt. The reality that Emily Prime is in now permanently has 2 Emilys in it.

Information about the Movie:

Chips [2017 USA]

Durasi: 90 Minutes Genre: Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller Rating: 7.2 dari 10
IMBD: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2866360/

Director: James Ward Byrkit
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SCREEN SHOTS Chips [2017] [West] [USA] [BrRip 720p] [MKVCage] [951MB] [Google Drive]

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Coherence [2013] [West] [USA] [1080p BluRay ] [YIFY] [1240MB][Google Drive]

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