17 Oct 2020

Ultras [2020] [West] [Italy]

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Information about the Movie:
Ultras [2020] [West] [Italy]
Ultras 2020 Italy Francesco Lettieri Aniello Arena Ciro Nacca Simone Borrelli  Drama
Title: Ultras
Year: 2020 Country: Italy
Durasi: 108 Minutes Genre: Drama Rating IMDB: 6.3 dari 10
Director: Francesco Lettieri
Casts: Aniello Arena , Ciro Nacca , Simone Borrelli
Premise: Naples. At almost fifty years old Sandro is the leader of the Apache, a group of ultras with whom he has spent his whole life at the stadium: a life of violence, clashes, passions, and unshakable values. Now that a hooligan prevents him from approaching the curve, those values are starting to falter. He feels for the first time the need for a normal life, a relationship, maybe even a family. Also meeting Terry, who is beautiful and seems to not fear anything. Angelo is sixteen and considers the Apache his family. Sandro is his guide, the person who took the place of his brother, who died years earlier during the clashes of a trip. ULTRAS is the story of their friendship, of a faith and a love marked by the last few weeks of a football championship, and the inevitable meeting of both with their own destiny.
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Ultras is a 2020 Italian drama written and directed by Francesco Lettieri and starring Aniello Arena, Ciro Nacca and Simone Borrelli. The plot revolves around emerging violence by football fans in Naples, Italy.

It was released on 20 March 2020 on Netflix.

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