1 Nov 2020

Lovecut [2020] [West] [Germany]

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Information about the Movie:
Lovecut [2020] [West] [Germany]

Title: Lovecut
Year: 2020 Country: Germany
Durasi: 94 Minutes Genre: Drama Rating IMDB: 5,6 dari 10
Director: Iliana Estañol
Casts: Kerem Abdelhamed , Raphaela Gasper , Valentin Gruber
Premise: Through different intersecting stories, LOVECUT tells about three teenage couples and their conflicts with identity, love and sexuality in our digital, rapid changing society that offers many possibilities, as well as extreme challenges. What we observe is a snapshot, an excerpt from their lives and their love stories. An attempt to better understand the bold youth of our time as well as the society we live in.
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Lovecut is a debut film by the two directors Iliana Estañol and Johanna Lietha, released in January 2020.

In loosely interwoven episodes, the film tells of six teenagers who discover their identities. Strong-looking Luka met Ben through Tinder and is starting to meet him regularly. While she has trouble entering into a relationship with real feelings, he who is on probation is afraid of going back to prison.

Momo from Russia has an intense Skype relationship with Alex, but does not know that he is paraplegic and is in a wheelchair, which is why Alex has so far avoided personal meetings.

Alex's eldest brother Jakob and his younger friend Julia come up with the idea of ​​recording sex videos and then posting them online in the hopes of getting paid for them. When they realize how much money they could actually earn, Julia wants to continue, while Jakob wants to stop.

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