6 Nov 2020

Stone Skipping aka Dolmengi [2020] [Asia] [South Korea]

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Information about the Movie:
Stone Skipping aka Dolmengi [2020] [Asia] [South Korea]

Title: Stone Skipping
Also Known as: Dolmengi
Year: 2020 Country: South Korea
Durasi: 107 Minutes Genre: Drama Rating IMDB: 6 dari 10
Director: Kim Jung-Sik
Casts: Kim Dae-Myung , Song Yoon-A , Kim Eui-Sung
Premise: A runaway escapes to a rural village where she befriends a man with an intellectual disability and the two comfort each others pains and woes.
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Filming took place in 2018

Seok-Goo (Kim Dae-Myung) is a man in his 30's, but has the intelligence of an 8-year-old. He runs a rice mill in a village, where kind neighbors and friends live nearby. One day, he sees a runaway girl, Eun-Ji (Jeon Chae-Eun) who is mistaken to have been a pickpocket at a village party.

Seok-Goo helps her by resolving the misunderstanding. He and Eun-Ji become friends afterwards. Teacher Kim (Song Yoon-A) is a teacher at a shelter where Eun-Ji stays. Teacher Kim is worried about the friendship between Seok-Goo and Eun-Ji, but a Catholic priest (Kim Eui-Sung) sets Teacher Kim’s worries at ease.

One evening, something happens to Eun-Ji at Seok-Goo’s rice mill.

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