26 Jan 2021

Harley Quinn Birds of Prey aka Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn [2020] [West] [USA]

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Information about the Movie:
Harley Quinn Birds of Prey aka Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn [2020] [West] [USA]
Harley Quinn Birds of Prey 2020 USA Cathy Yan Margot Robbie Rosie Perez Mary Elizabeth Winstead  Action, Adventure, Crime
Title: Harley Quinn Birds of Prey
Also Known as: Birds of Prey: And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn
Year: 2020 Country: USA
Durasi: 109 Minutes Genre: Action, Adventure, Crime Rating IMDB: 6.7 dari 10
Director: Cathy Yan
Casts: Margot Robbie , Rosie Perez , Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Premise: After splitting with the Joker, Harley Quinn joins superheroes Black Canary, Huntress and Renee Montoya to save a young girl from an evil crime lord.
Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Films
Cast and Crew: Cathy Yan (director); Christina Hodson (screenplay); Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ella Jay Basco, Ali Wong, Ewan McGregor

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Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is a 2020 American superhero film based on the DC Comics team Birds of Prey. Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, it is the eighth installment in the DC Extended Universe and a follow-up to Suicide Squad (2016). It was directed by Cathy Yan and written by Christina Hodson, and it stars Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ella Jay Basco, Ali Wong, and Ewan McGregor. The film follows Harley Quinn as she joins forces with Helena Bertinelli, Dinah Lance, and Renee Montoya to save Cassandra Cain from Gotham City crime lord Roman Sionis.

Robbie, who also served as producer, pitched the idea for Birds of Prey to Warner Bros. in 2015. The film was announced in May 2016, with Hodson being hired to write the script that November, followed by Yan signing on to direct in April 2018. The majority of the cast and crew were confirmed by December 2018. Principal photography lasted from January to April 2019 in Downtown Los Angeles, parts of the Arts District, Los Angeles, and soundstages at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Additional filming took place in September 2019.

Birds of Prey is the first DCEU film and the second DC Films production to be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America. The film had its world premiere in Mexico City on January 25, 2020, and was theatrically released in the United States in IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and 4DX on February 7, 2020. It grossed $201 million worldwide, making it the fourth highest-grossing film of 2020 but falling short of its widely reported break even point of $250–300 million. The film received praise from critics for its visual style, Yan's direction, and Robbie's performance, but criticism towards Hodson's screenplay.

Four years after the defeat of the Enchantress, the Joker breaks up with Harley Quinn, throwing her out on the Gotham City streets. She is taken in by Doc, the owner of a Taiwanese restaurant, and recovers from her relationship by cutting her hair, adopting a spotted hyena (whom she names after Bruce Wayne), and taking up roller derby.

Harley gets drunk at a nightclub owned by Roman Sionis, a ruthless crime lord, and cripples his driver after said driver insults her. She meets burlesque singer Dinah Lance, who later rescues an intoxicated Harley from an attempted abduction. Sionis is impressed by Dinah's skills and appoints her as his new driver. The next night, Harley blows up the Ace Chemicals plant as a way to publicly announce her and Joker's breakup. Meanwhile, GCPD Detective Renee Montoya investigates a series of mob killings carried out by a crossbow-wielding vigilante. Finding Harley's necklace at the scene of the Ace Chemicals explosion, Montoya notes that Harley is in danger without the Joker's protection. She approaches Dinah about being an informant on Sionis for them, but Dinah rejects the offer.

Sionis sends Dinah and his sadistic right-hand-man Victor Zsasz to retrieve a diamond embedded with the account numbers to the fortune of the Bertinelli crime family, who were massacred years ago. Young pickpocket Cassandra "Cass" Cain steals the diamond from Zsasz and swallows it after she is arrested. Harley, fleeing from Montoya and several other people she had wronged, is captured by Sionis's men. Zsasz informs Sionis that Cassandra has the diamond, and Dinah warns Montoya. As Sionis prepares to have Harley killed, she offers to recover the diamond for him. Sionis agrees but also places a bounty on Cassandra. Breaking into the GCPD with a variety of firework-inspired non-lethal grenade launcher rounds, Harley frees Cassandra and the pair escape.

After escaping, Harley and Cassandra bond while hiding out at the former's apartment. Doc is approached for information by the "crossbow killer", who is revealed to be Helena Bertinelli. Having survived her family's massacre and becoming trained as an assassin, Helena has been targeting each of the gangsters responsible for her family's murders, preferring the moniker of "The Huntress". Quinn's apartment is later bombed by criminals looking for Cassandra, and Doc sorrowfully reveals that he sold Harley out. Harley calls Sionis and offers to turn Cassandra over in exchange for his protection, agreeing to meet at an abandoned amusement park. Dinah notifies Montoya of the rendezvous, but her betrayal is noticed by Zsasz, who informs Sionis. A devastated Sionis dons his ritualistic mask from which he gets his villainous nickname, "Black Mask".

At the park, Montoya confronts Harley, but Harley knocks her out of a window. Zsasz arrives and tranquilizes Harley before holding Dinah at gunpoint, but he is killed by Helena, who reveals Zsasz was the last of her family's killers. Montoya returns and a stand-off ensues, until they realize Sionis has arrived with a small army of masked criminals, known collectively as the False Face Society. Using Quinn's old gear, the makeshift team successfully withstand and repel their attack. During the battle, Cassandra is captured by Sionis, while Dinah reveals her metahuman ability of supersonic-level screaming, defeating an additional number of mobsters aligned with Sionis. Harley gives chase on roller skates, and with assistance from Helena, the pair pursue Sionis. At a nearby pier, the final confrontation occurs. Sionis prepares to kill Cassandra, but she pulls the ring from a grenade that she slipped in his jacket after taking it from Harley's weapons chest earlier. Harley throws Sionis off the pier just before the grenade detonates and kills him.

In the aftermath of destroying Sionis's criminal empire, Montoya quits the GCPD. With the money within the accounts hidden inside the diamond, she joins Dinah and Helena in establishing a team of vigilantes called the Birds of Prey. Harley and Cassandra escape, selling the diamond itself to a pawnshop and starting their own contract killing business.

In a post-credits audio sequence, Harley is about to reveal a secret about Batman, but the film ends mid-sentence.

Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (disingkat Birds of Prey; juga digunakan Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey) adalah film pahlawan super Amerika Serikat tahun 2020 yang didasarkan dari tim DC Comics Birds of Prey. Film ini adalah film ke-8 DC Extended Universe (DCEU). Film ini disutradarai Cathy Yan, ditulis Christina Hodson, serta dibintangi Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ella Jay Basco, dan Ewan McGregor. Birds of Prey diperkirakan akan menjadi film pertama DCEU yang versi penayangan bioskopnya diklasifikasikan sebagai R. Birds of Prey dijadwalkan akan ditayangkan di Amerika Serikat oleh Warner Bros. Pictures pada 7 Februari 2020 dan Indonesia pada dua hari sebelumnya.

Beberapa masa selepas kekalahan Enchantress, Joker dan Harley Quinn telah kembali ke Gotham. Di tengah-tengah hubungan mereka yang penuh dengan kekerasan, Joker memutuskan hubungannya dengan Harley dan mengusirnya dari rumahnya. Akhirnya, Harley dibawa seorang lelaki tua bernama Doc yang memiliki rumah makan Tionghoa di kota.

Setelah pikirannya pulih, Harley pergi berpesta dan menghabiskan semalam suntuk di sebuah klub milik Roman Sionis, seorang gangster sadis yang memiliki kecenderungan kejam menyamar sebagai pemilik klub malam yang ceria. Sementara itu, Harley bertemu Dinah Lance, penynanyi olok-olok yang bekerja dengan Roman. Harley mabuk dan dan membuat keributan di klub, sehingga ia melukai sopir Roman dan mengakibatkan kaki tangan Roman menyeret Harley, tetapi Dinah menyelamatkannya dari kaki tangan Roman sebelum tindak kekerasan terjadi. Roman yang terkesima dengan kecekatan Dinah menunjuknya sebagai sopir barunya.

Dinah mengantar Harley ke rumah Harley dan Harley memutuskan untuk mengubah hidupnya dalam banyak hal, termasuk memotong rambutnya dan mengadopsi seekor hyena dari toko hewan peliharaan eksotis (yang dia beri nama yang didasarkan dari Bruce Wayne). Harley juga menghancurkan Ace Chemicals, tempat dia berjanji pada Joker sebelum benar-benar menjadi Harley Quinn.

Sementara itu, Renee Montoya, seorang detektif polisi di Gotham City Police Department (GCPD), tiba di Ace Chemicals dan memastikan Harley akan mudah ditangkap dan ditahan karena hubungan Joker dan Harley sudah putus.

Pada saat yang sama, Cassandra Kain, seorang anak yatim piatu yang bekerja dengan Roman sebagai pencuri, mencuri berlian yang memiliki informasi yang sangat penting untuk Sionis.

Roman mengirim Dinah dan kaki tangan utamanya, seorang pembunuh berantai gila bernama Victor Zsasz, untuk mendapatkan kembali berlian itu. Namun, Cassandra Kain menggandakan dirinya dan mengelak dari Roman untuk menjual berlian dan mendapatkan lebih banyak uang. Cass ditangkap dan menelan berlian itu karena putus asa.

Keesokan harinya, Harley dicegat oleh Renee saat dia makan angin di Gotham. Harley melarikan diri dari tempat kejadian sebelum disergap oleh beberapa kaki tangan Roman. Harley membunuh kaki tangan itu sebelum akhirnya ditangkap kembali oleh kaki tangan lain yang tiba di situ. Victor dan Dinah memberi tahu Roman tentang status Cassandra. Terlihat bahwa Roman suka memakai topeng hitam−yang merupakan karya seni−sambil menyiksa orang sebagai taktik intimidasi. Dinah dan Victor juga memberitahunya bahwa mereka menangkap Harley, dan sebagai hasilnya, mereka memutuskan untuk tidak mengantisipasi pembalasan dari Joker, menyebut penghancuran Ace Chemicals oleh Harley sebagai bukti keduanya berpisah.

Dinah mengirim pesan kepada Montoya tentang keadaan Cassandra, yang mengungkapkan bahwa dirinya adalah pengganggu dalam sindikat Roman. Lewat dinding keempat, Harley mengungkapkan kepada penonton bahwa mereka lebih banyak tahu tentang peristiwa dalam film. Harley kemudian mendengar pembicaraan Roman berbicara terkait berlian itu, lalu ia menawarkan berlian itu untuk menngambilnya dari Cassandra jika ia menyelamatkannya. Roman setuju dan membagikan jatahnya kepada Harley suatu hari nanti.

Roman menjanjikan hadiah bagi siapapun yang menginginkan kepala Cassandra agar membuatnya lebih senang. Harley menyamar dan menerobos masuk ke dalam GCPD untuk membawa pergi Cassandra ke sebuah toko barang antik yang ditinggalkan untuk mengeluarkan berlian dari Cassandra dan mengembalikannya kepada Roman. Namun, keduanya disergap oleh preman bersenjata yang menginginkan hadiah dari Roman. Harley membantai mereka setelah tidak sengaha menghirup kokain dari karung yang bolong akibat ditembak bertubi-tubi

The bounty also attracts Helena Bertinelli, a vigilante known as the "crossbow killer". Helena targets mobsters in the hope of avenging her murdered family and also plans to use Cass with the intent to lure Roman out. Meanwhile, Dinah discovers that she has the metahuman ability to scream at a supersonic level. Dinah texts Montoya about the bounty on Cass, but the text is discovered by Zsasz, who informs Roman. Roman flies into a rage, as he strongly dislikes a subordinate not following orders, and he scratches and damages his face in the process.

Harley and Cass decide to hide out at Harley's apartment. However, the apartment is bombed by people looking for Cass and it is revealed that Doc sold Harley out to Roman. Harley calls Roman and agrees to turn Cass over in exchange for protection from the bounty as a result of the lack of trust.

Roman sends Zsasz and Dinah to retrieve Cass. Zsasz drugs Harley while showing that Roman didn't honor their deal, and Dinah tries to free Cass. However, Zsasz, having already known about Dinah's treachery, attacks her but is unexpectedly killed by Helena, who arrives at the amusement park. The women are all placed under arrest by Montoya, who Dinah had texted with regard to the situation. Harley manages to convince the women to work together to fight off Roman, even though the others were initially reluctant.

The women use Harley's old gear and weapons to attack arriving hordes of Roman's goons, eventually emerging victorious. Cass is captured by Roman, and Harley pursues them to a nearby pier. Once Harley catches up with them, Cassandra puts a grenade in Roman's suit, killing him. In the aftermath of destroying Roman's empire, Montoya, Dinah and Helena start the Birds of Prey with the money from the accounts of the diamond while Harley and Cassandra pawn it and start their own company together.

In a post-credits scene, Harley talks about the new Batman film and before the trailer starts, the screen cuts to black.

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