30 Jan 2021

My People My Homeland aka Wo he wo de jia xiang [2020] [Asia] [China]

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Information about the Movie:
My People My Homeland aka Wo he wo de jia xiang [2020] [Asia] [China]
My People My Homeland 2020 China Hao Ning Bo Huang You Ge Wei Fan  Drama
Title: My People My Homeland
Also Known as: Wo he wo de jia xiang
Year: 2020 Country: China
Durasi: 153 Minutes Genre: Drama Rating IMDB: 6,7 dari 10
Director: Hao Ning
Casts: Bo Huang , You Ge , Wei Fan
Premise: In different parts of rural China, various people explore what makes their communities unique.
Production Company:
Cast and Crew:

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My People, My Homeland (Chinese: 我和我的家乡) is a 2020 Chinese anthology comedy film. The film consists of five short stories that take place in Beijing, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Hangzhou, and Shenyang. The film was a financial success, grossing over $433.2 million worldwide.

"Beijing Good People"

An interesting story about Zhang Beijing helping his uncle's treatment in Beijing.

"UFO fell from the sky"

The UFO appeared in Afu Village in Qiannan, Guizhou. Reporter Tang, scientists Dong Xuexue and Xiao Qin of the "Re-entry Science" project team went deep into the village to investigate. Village chief Wang Shouzheng and businessman Wang Chuqi warmly welcomed the three, but during the investigation, there were others who had other ideas.

"Last Lesson"

Lao Fan suffers from Alzheimer's disease. His children sought help from Wangxi Village and wanted to repeat the last lesson of 1992 to help Teacher Fan recover his memory. The students of Teacher Fan did their best to recover the "children" and the downpour.

"The Way Home"

"Sand Apple" distributor Qiao Shulin and e-commerce anchor Yan Feiyan went back to their hometown when they returned to their alma mater to participate in the celebration. The touching story of Qiao Shulin who loves bragging and Yan Feiyan who dislikes him.

Ma Liang

Ma Liang was born in a mountain village in the northeast. He gave up his studies at a key Russian art school and returned to his hometown to help his hometown develop. In order not to let his wife Qiuxia find out, he and the villagers are pretending to live in Russia. By chance, Qiuxia went to Ma Liang's hometown.

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