13 Feb 2021

Ana [2020] [West] [USA]

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Information about the Movie:
Ana [2020] [West] [USA]
Ana 2020 USA Charles McDougall Dafne Keen Andy Garcia Jeanne Tripplehorn  Comedy, Drama
Title: Ana
Year: 2020 Country: USA
Durasi: 105 Minutes Genre: Comedy, Drama Rating IMDB: 5,4 dari 10
Director: Charles McDougall
Casts: Dafne Keen , Andy Garcia , Jeanne Tripplehorn
Premise: Ana meets Rafa in a chance encounter and they embark on a road trip to try and save him from bankruptcy, or worse.
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Ana (released in some territories as The Guardian) is a 2020 American comedy-drama film directed by Charles McDougall and written by Cris Cole, from a story by McDougall, Cole, Luillo Ruiz and Jorge González. The film is set in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of the devastating 2017 Hurricane Maria, and stars Andy García as struggling used car salesman Rafael "Rafa" Rodriguez and Dafne Keen as Ana, an 11-year-old girl placed in Rafa’s care as the two embark on a road trip across Puerto Rico. The film also features Jeanne Tripplehorn, Lauren Vélez and Ramón Franco in supporting roles.

The film was released on video on demand by Gravitas Ventures on January 3, 2020.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico faces severe economic downturn. Jose Maria Vega runs for Governor of Puerto Rico, despite allegations of illegal campaign financing. In San Juan, Rafael "Rafa" Rodriguez is a struggling car salesman who moved from Florida after becoming estranged from his children.

Rafa discovers 11-year-old Ana, who lives across the street from his car yard, hiding after her mother’s arrest. Initially planning to take Ana to social services, Rafa feels guilty at the prospect of negligent foster parents. Rafa is horrified to discover that all his cars have been repossessed for failing to repay loans. Rafa leaves Ana with her mother's abusive boyfriend and goes to a cockfight. Ana secretly follows him and witnesses him losing $5,000 and being warned by loan shark Diego that he has five days to repay.

Ana confronts Rafa, claiming he needs help to raise the money by the deadline. Rafa visits Ana's mother in prison, discovering Ana's father lives on the other side of Puerto Rico. Rafa and Ana set off together, to deliver Ana to her father and to raise money. Rafa and Ana visit Camila, an ex-lover of Rafa who owes him $1,000. Rafa is hesitant to ask Camila for his money given the financial crisis, but Ana is blunt and forces Camila to pay.

During the trip, Ana attempts illegal forms of raising money, from not paying for petrol and buying moonshine to resell. Rafa is resistant, fearing Ana will end up like her mother, and tries to instil values in her. Rafa takes Ana to a blowhole, telling her a fable of a man who fell in and nearly drowned, but was saved by God for his honesty and humility when water blew out of the blowhole. Rafa acknowledges that some of Ana’s methods may be necessary to raise the money.

Rafa reminds Ana that she has to live her father once they arrive. Diego calls Rafa, having discovered that he has left San Juan and that all of his cars are gone, but Rafa assures Diego that he will repay the money. Finding Ana's father, Rafa and Ana discover that he claims not be her father and has another family. Rafa is unsure what to do with Ana. Fearing Rafa will take her to a foster home, Ana runs away. After they reunite, Rafa is furious and takes Ana to a church, hoping to find her a home.

Ana pretends to be disabled to collect money from churchgoers. Her deception is discovered and the church's pastor Helen forces Ana to perform volunteer work. Realizing the churchgoers' generosity toward Ana could be exploited, Helen makes Ana pretends her disability was healed by blowhole and promises Ana a percentage of the money raised. Rafa is initially supportive. Camila attends the church and recognizes Ana, horrified at the deception. Rafa realizes the immorality of the scheme. However, Ana feels at home at the church and wants to stay, leaving Rafa to return to San Juan.

Admitting to Diego that he cannot pay, Rafa escapes from one of Diego's thugs and visits Ana. Ana seems happy at the church; however, she gives Rafa a pamphlet with "$5,000" written in it, implying that she is still raising the money for him. Rafa is arrested for possession of moonshine.

Ana asks Helen for her cut of the money. Helen reveals that Ana's cut has been donated to Vega's campaign, revealing the church is part of the illegal financing. Ana leaves the church and travels to the blowhole, coming to an epiphany. Contacting Diego, Ana proposes a scheme: Diego posts Rafa’s bail and poses as an IRS agent to force Helen, using a recording Ana made of her admission, to repay the money or face jail time for fraud. Diego’s money is repaid in full, and Rafa is freed.

Returning to San Juan, Rafa reopens his car yard with the excess money. Vega is arrested for illegal campaign finance. Ana’s mother is freed and dumps her boyfriend. Ana works at the car yard and remains close friends with Rafa, who has been reunited with his children.

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