1 Apr 2021

The Dry [2020] [West] [USA]

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Information about the Movie:
The Dry [2020] [West] [USA]
The Dry 2020 USA Robert Connolly Eric Bana Genevieve O'Reilly Keir O'Donnell  Crime, Drama, Mystery
Title: The Dry
Year: 2020 Country: USA
Durasi: 117 Minutes Genre: Crime , Drama , Mystery Rating IMDB: 7.7 dari 10
Director: Robert Connolly
Casts: Eric Bana , Genevieve O'Reilly , Keir O'Donnell
Premise: Aaron Falk returns to his drought-stricken hometown to attend a tragic funeral. But his return opens a decades-old wound - the unsolved death of a teenage girl.
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The Dry is a 2020 Australian mystery drama thriller film directed by Robert Connolly, from a screenplay by Connolly and Harry Cripps, and starring Eric Bana, Genevieve O'Reilly, Keir O'Donnell and John Polson. The film is based on the book of the same name by Jane Harper. It is currently the sixth highest-grossing film of 2021.

Federal Agent Aaron Falk returns to his home town Kiewarra after an absence of over twenty years to attend the funeral of his childhood friend, Luke, who allegedly killed his wife Karen and child Billy (sparing baby daughter Charlotte) before taking his own life. At the persuasion of Luke's parents, Falk reluctantly agrees to stay and investigate the circumstances of the crime.

Falk is continuously harassed by the townspeople, following the now twenty-year-old death of 17-year-old Ellie Deacon, a close friend of his that he was romantically involved with. Falk was immediately suspected for the death, as he'd given her a note that day asking her to meet him at the river, only for her not to show and be found by her father and police, drowned in the river. Falk and his father had been forced to leave town to avoid harassment from Ellie's ruthless father.

With the help of the local sergeant Greg Raco, he begins to look into the events. They discover that the bullets used in the crime were Remmingtons while Luke only owned Winchesters, indicating that the killer used different ammunition to what the family owned.

Falk interviews Scott Whitlam, the principal of the local school and Karen's boss, who explains that although she was struggling to gather funding for the school, she didn't seem to have any troubles. Falk and Raco discover that McMurdo was spotted upon CCTV footage. Falk discovers the word 'grant?' one the back of the library receipt, leading Falk to suspect that Ellie's brother, Grant Dow, wants to purchase the family's farm once it went on the market due to Luke's parents being unable to keep it. Dow denies this, although he and his father are still vile towards Falk.

When Falk visits Gretchen, another childhood friend and Karen's co-worker, she explains some documents on her table are applications for school funding. While reminiscing over an old photo album, Falk discovers that Luke is the father of Gretchen's only child Lachlan. Falk takes some of the funding applications and realises that Karen's writing of 'grant?' referred to funds being granted, not Dow, now suspecting Whitlam of embezzlement.

Falk and Raco go to question Whitlam at the school, only to find he has fled to the bush. Whitlam admits to his gambling addiction and stealing money from the school to pay back his debts, and that he murdered the family to cover up his fraud. Whitlam drenches himself in oil and lights himself on fire to kill himself. Falk and Raco tackle the burning Whitlam to the ground and put out the fire themselves, stopping it from spreading to the trees and sparking a bushfire. Raco is burnt and hospitalised, but the investigation is closed, clearing Luke's innocence.

Leaving town, Falk visits the rocky area that he and Ellie used to frequent, only to find her old backpack, which contains a journal noting that her father was abusing her. Flashbacks indicate that her father drowned and killed her himself. Falk walks back with the backpack along the riverbed, now completely dry.

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