13 Feb 2021

The Hateful Eight [2015] [West] [USA]

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Information about the Movie:
The Hateful Eight [2015] [West] [USA]
The Hateful Eight 2015 USA Quentin Tarantino Samuel L. Jackson Kurt Russell Jennifer Jason Leigh Walton Goggins Crime, Drama, Mystery
Title: The Hateful Eight
Year: 2015 Country: USA
Durasi: 187 Minutes Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery Rating IMDB: 8 dari 10
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Casts: Samuel L. Jackson , Kurt Russell , Jennifer Jason Leigh Walton Goggins
Production Company:
Cast and Crew:

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The Hateful Eight (sometimes marketed as The H8ful Eight) is a 2015 American Revisionist Western thriller film written and directed by Quentin Tarantino. It stars Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Walton Goggins, Demián Bichir, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen, and Bruce Dern as eight strangers who seek refuge from a blizzard in a stagecoach stopover some time after the American Civil War.

Tarantino announced The Hateful Eight in November 2013. He conceived it as a novel and sequel to his previous film Django Unchained (2012) before deciding to make it a standalone film. After the script leaked in January 2014, he canceled the film and instead directed a live reading at the United Artists Theater in Los Angeles, before reconsidering and resuming progress on the project. Filming began on December 8, 2014, near Telluride, Colorado. The original score was Italian composer Ennio Morricone's first and only for a Tarantino film, his first complete Western score in 34 years, and his first for a high-profile Hollywood production since Brian De Palma's Mission to Mars in 2000.

Distributed by The Weinstein Company in the United States, The Hateful Eight was released on December 25, 2015, in a limited roadshow release on 70 mm film, before expanding wide theatrically on December 30, 2015. It received positive reviews from critics, particularly for the performances of the cast and Morricone's score. It grossed $155.8 million. Budget estimations include from $44 million from Box Office Mojo, $54 million from the Hollywood Reporter, to $62 million from Variety. For his work on the score, Morricone won his first Academy Award for Best Original Score, as well as the Golden Globe. The film also earned Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress (Leigh) and Best Cinematography (Robert Richardson).

On April 25, 2019, the film was released as a re-edited four-episode miniseries on Netflix with the subtitle Extended Version. The Hateful Eight is Tarantino's final film to have the involvement of The Weinstein Company, as he ended his working relationship with the company following allegations of sexual abuse against Harvey Weinstein in October 2017.

In 1870, bounty hunter and Civil War veteran Major Marquis Warren is transporting three dead bounties to Red Rock, Wyoming. He hitches a ride on a stagecoach driven by O.B.; aboard is bounty hunter John Ruth, handcuffed to fugitive Daisy Domergue, whom Ruth is escorting to Red Rock to be hanged. Ruth and Warren are acquaintances, having bonded over Warren's personal letter from Abraham Lincoln. Former Lost-Causer militiaman Chris Mannix, traveling to Red Rock as the town's new sheriff, persuades Ruth and Warren to let him on the stagecoach. Warren and Ruth form an alliance to protect each other's bounties.

The group seeks refuge from a blizzard at Minnie's Haberdashery, a stagecoach lodge with a broken lock on the front door. They are greeted by Bob, a Mexican, who says the owner, Minnie, is away visiting her mother, raising Warren's suspicions. The other lodgers are an Englishman who claims to be named "Oswaldo Mobray" who is employed as Red Rock's new hangman; Joe Gage, a cowboy returning home to visit his mother; and Sanford Smithers, a former Confederate general traveling to lay his son to rest. Suspicious, Ruth disarms all but Warren, who inadvertently kicks a jellybean on the floor and notices one of Minnie's jellybean jars is missing.

Mannix surmises that Warren's Lincoln letter is a forgery, and Warren, who is black, acknowledges that the false letter buys him leeway with whites, outraging Ruth. Warren leaves a gun next to Smithers and provokes him by explaining that he tortured, raped, and murdered Smithers' son. When Smithers reaches for the gun, Warren shoots him in revenge for Smithers' executions of black prisoners of war at the Battle of Baton Rouge.

During the confrontation, someone poisons the brewing coffee. Ruth and O.B. drink it, which kills them both. However, the dying and panicking Ruth attacks Domergue, who kills him with his own gun. Warren disarms Domergue, leaving her shackled to Ruth's corpse, and holds the others at gunpoint. He is joined by Mannix, whom Warren trusts because he nearly drank the poisoned coffee. Discovering that the chair usually occupied by frequent lodger Sweet Dave is stained with blood and claiming that Minnie hates Mexicans and would never leave the Haberdashery in one's care, Warren deduces that Bob is an impostor who killed the lodge owners and executes him. When Warren threatens to execute Domergue, Gage admits that he poisoned the coffee. A man hiding in the cellar shoots Warren from below. Mobray draws a concealed gun and shoots Mannix, who returns fire, mortally wounding Mobray.

Hours earlier, Bob, Mobray, Gage, and Domergue's brother Jody arrive at the lodge. They murder Minnie and five bystanders, leaving only Smithers. Jody tells Smithers that they plan to ambush Ruth to rescue Domergue, and will spare Smithers if he keeps quiet. During the murders, a jar of jellybeans is shattered, and the lock on the front door is destroyed. The bandits dispose of the bodies, hide the evidence, and conceal guns around the lodge. As Ruth's stagecoach arrives, Jody hides in the cellar.

In the present, Mannix and Warren, both seriously wounded, hold Domergue, Gage, and the dying Mobray at gunpoint. When they threaten to kill Domergue, Jody surrenders and is immediately executed by Warren. Domergue claims that fifteen of her brother's men are waiting in Red Rock to kill Mannix and ransack the town; if Mannix kills Warren and allows her to escape, the gang will spare him and let him claim the bounties of the deceased except her brother.

As Domergue and Mobray taunt Warren, Warren shoots them both, killing Mobray. Gage draws a hidden revolver, but is shot dead by Mannix and Warren. Warren tries to shoot Domergue, but is out of bullets. Mannix calls Domergue's bluff and rejects her offer, but faints from blood loss. Domergue hacks off Ruth's handcuffed arm and frees herself. As she reaches for Gage's gun, Mannix regains consciousness and shoots her. Warren persuades Mannix to hang Domergue from the rafters in honor of Ruth. Afterward, as the two men lie dying, Mannix reads aloud Warren's forged Lincoln letter, complimenting its detail, before scrunching it up and tossing it aside.

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