1 Feb 2021

The Paramedic aka El practicante [2020] [West] [Spain]

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Information about the Movie:
The Paramedic aka El practicante [2020] [West] [Spain]
The Paramedic 2020 Spain Carles Torras Mario Casas Déborah François Guillermo Pfening  Drama, Thriller
Title: The Paramedic
Also Known as: El practicante
Year: 2020 Country: Spain
Durasi: 94 Minutes Genre: Drama, Thriller Rating IMDB: 5,6 dari 10
Director: Carles Torras
Casts: Mario Casas , Déborah François , Guillermo Pfening
Premise: Angel works in an ambulance service. After a tragic accident, his personal life begins to deteriorate as he becomes more and more suspicious of his partner Vane.
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The Paramedic (Spanish: El Practicante) is a 2020 Spanish thriller film directed by Carles Torras, written by David Desola and Hèctor Hernández Vicens and starring Celso Bugallo, Mario Casas and Déborah François.

The Paramedic was released on September 16, 2020 by Netflix.

A paramedic Angel and his girlfriend live in an apartment. Angel is unable to sleep some nights to the constant barking of his old neighbor's dog. Vane however loves the dog and is friendly with the neighbour as well. One day while taking an injured patient to the hospital their ambulance meets with an accident and Angel loses sensation in his legs and becomes wheel chair ridden. He blames Ricardo, his colleague driving the ambulance, for his accident. The accident also puts strains on his relationship with Vane and he starts suspecting her of cheating on him with her classmate Roberto who she insists is just a classmate and nothing else. Angel installs a spyware in Vane's mobile and starts keeping a tab on her whereabouts and calls. Vane works at a call centre in the night to help take care of their expenses. Irritated by the dogs barking in the night, Angel spikes a steak with needles and feeds it to the dog when the dog is at the park with its owner who is obvious to this and is busy reading the paper. One day he overhears Vane talking to her friend who suggests she leave Angel and move in with her. When Vane reaches home Angel is a changed man cooking her favourite meal and gifting her a dress. They try to have sex but Angel is unable to feel anything. While he is showering Vane hears a message tone whenever her phone beeps with a message. When she follows the sound she finds her messages flashing on the laptop and realizes Angel has been spying on her. Disgusted she flees the house taking her things with her and leaving the dress behind which Angel had gifted her earlier. Few months later it is shown that Angel is still obsessed with Vane and starts spying her eventually seeing her kissing Ricardo and fuming at this. He sees them talking over a baby's crib and realizes Vane is pregnant. A few days later he sees Vane on the way to the vets clinic where she is interning and tries talking to her on the street. Vane asks him to stop meeting her to which he replies she wont be seeing him anymore and turns to leave with a sad face. Vane feels bad and walks him to his apartment. On the pretext of returning her passport which he says she left while running away he asks her to enter his apartment and there injects her and renders her unconscious and gags her and ties her up to his bed. He kidnaps her and uses her phone to send Ricardo message not to contact her and throws her phone away in the river. He renders her unable to use her legs by injecting anesthesia and local epidurals so that she is unable to walk temporarily. One day while having food Vane breaks a bottle of wine on his head and tries escaping. But Angel manages to recover in time and injects her and renders her unconscious once again. The old man hears her scream and comes to investigate and threatens to call the police. Angel invites him into the house to inspect and stabs him to death. He then calls one of his friends to dispose off the old man's body. He also goes over to Ricardo's house and kills him. Police come to Angel to investigate Ricardo's death and Angels disappearance since Ricardo had filed a complaint about it before he died. One day Vane manages to escape while Angel goes to the chemist. However he returns to find Anne in the lift lobby. They struggle against each other and Vane stabs him and throws him down the stairs. Angel is then shown paralyzed and in a hospital unable to talk or move, when Vane now visibly pregnant comes to take him home stating she would be taking care of him. His fate is left unknown as Vane wheels him out of the hospital and a sinister expression is shown on Vane's face.

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