16 Mar 2021

Coming 2 America [2021] [West] [USA]

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Information about the Movie:
Coming 2 America [2021] [West] [USA]
Coming 2 America 2021 USA Craig Brewer Eddie Murphy Arsenio Hall Shari Headley  Comedy
Title: Coming 2 America
Year: 2021 Country: USA
Durasi: 110 Minutes Genre: Comedy Rating IMDB: 5,4 dari 10
Director: Craig Brewer
Casts: Eddie Murphy , Arsenio Hall , Shari Headley
Premise: The African monarch Akeem learns he has a long-lost son in the United States and must return to America to meet this unexpected heir and build a relationship with his son.
Production Company: Paramount Pictures
Cast and Crew: Craig Brewer (director); Kenya Barris, Barry W. Blaustein, David Sheffield (screenplay); Eddie Murphy, Jermaine Fowler, Arsenio Hall, Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones, James Earl Jones
This Movie is Listed in Category(ies): Sequels,
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Official Trailer:

Coming 2 America is a 2021 American comedy film that serves as a sequel to the 1988 film Coming to America starring Eddie Murphy. The film is directed by Craig Brewer from a screenplay by Kenya Barris, Barry W. Blaustein, and David Sheffield, and a story by Blaustein, Sheffield, and Justin Kanew, based on characters created by Murphy. It stars Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, KiKi Layne, Shari Headley, Teyana Taylor, Wesley Snipes, and James Earl Jones.

Originally to be theatrically released by Paramount Pictures, the film's distribution rights were sold to Amazon Studios due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amazon released it digitally via Prime Video on March 4, 2021. Coming 2 America received mixed reviews from critics.

On the 30th anniversary of his wedding with Lisa McDowell, Prince Akeem of Zamunda is summoned before his dying father, King Jaffe Joffer. Jaffe and his shaman Baba reveal to a baffled Akeem that he had sired a son during his first visit in Queens, New York after Semmi had enticed two women into spending the night with them while Akeem was still searching for his future queen. One of them drugged Akeem, resulting in a tryst he did not remember. As Zamundian tradition demands that only a male successor can inherit the throne, and Lisa has borne only daughters, Akeem is forced to travel back to Queens to retrieve his son. If not, Zamunda could face a hostile takeover by Zamunda's militaristic neighbor nation Nexdoria, whose dictator, General Izzi (the brother of Akeem's original arranged bride-to-be), has been pushing Akeem's eldest daughter Meeka into marrying his foppish son, Idi.

Following King Jaffe's funeral and Akeem's ascension to king, he and Semmi travel to Queens to meet his illegitimate son, Lavelle Junson, who is a smart-mouthed ticket scalper struggling to get a real job. After an awkward reunion with his mother Mary, Akeem takes them and Lavelle's uncle Reem back to Zamunda, much to his family's displeasure. When General Izzi learns of this, he drops by to introduce his daughter Bopoto to Lavelle as a last shot at laying claim to the throne of Zamunda, but in order to qualify as a royal prince, Lavelle firstly has to pass a series of traditional - and hazardous - tests.

Lavelle is at first highly reluctant to place himself in danger, but then bonds with Mirembe, a royal groomer, who tells him of Akeem's quest to find his queen and encourages him to follow his own path. Lavelle gradually develops an understanding with Akeem's family and, using his wits and some forced courage, he passes and is made Prince of Zamunda. However, at his accession party, Lavelle overhears a conversation between Akeem and Izzi which makes him believe that Akeem is just exploiting him, and he, Mirembe, Mary and Reem go back to New York. Upset at losing Mary, whom she has befriended, Lisa locks Akeem out of their bedroom. After talking with Cleo, who reminds him of late Queen Aoleon's progressive mind, Akeem flies back to the States, while Semmi is left to stall Izzi, who intends to return the next day to either see Bopoto marry Lavelle or declare war.

Returning to Queens, Akeem finds that Lavelle and Mirembe are about to get married. Reminded of his own life story, he gives them his blessing and releases Lavelle from his marriage to Bopoto. In the meantime, Semmi and the princesses fight off and subdue General Izzi, forcing him to try a more diplomatic approach. Upon his return home, Akeem changes the royal succession laws by allowing his daughter Meeka to ascend to the throne upon his death, while Lavelle is made an ambassador of Zamunda to the United States and General Izzi has opened Nexdoria for a peaceful political and trading relationship. The film concludes with a grand party at the royal palace, with Akeem's friends from Queens as special guests, including a performance of the song "We Are Family" from Sexual Chocolate.

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