19 Mar 2021

Drishyam 2 aka The Resumption [2021] [Asia] [India]

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Information about the Movie:
Drishyam 2 aka The Resumption [2021] [Asia] [India]
Drishyam 2 2021 India Jeethu Joseph Mohanlal Meena Ansib  Drama, Thriller
Title: Drishyam 2
Also Known as: The Resumption
Year: 2021 Country: India
Durasi: 152 Minutes Genre: Drama , Thriller Rating IMDB: 8,7 dari 10
Director: Jeethu Joseph
Casts: Mohanlal , Meena , Ansib
Premise: A gripping tale of an investigation and a family which is threatened by it. Will Georgekutty be able to protect his family this time?
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Cast and Crew:
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Official Trailer:
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Drishyam 2: The Resumption, or simply Drishyam 2, is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language drama thriller film written and directed by Jeethu Joseph and produced by Antony Perumbavoor through the company Aashirvad Cinemas. It is a sequel to their 2013 film Drishyam. The film stars Mohanlal, Meena, Ansiba Hassan and Esther Anil, reprising their roles from the original. The story takes place six years after the events of Drishyam.

Principal photography lasted 46 days from September to November 2020, while adhering to safety precautions set for preventing the spread of COVID-19. The film was shot extensively in and around Thodupuzha in the same locations as Drishyam, and some scenes in Kochi. Anil Johnson composed the songs and score, while Satheesh Kurup handled the cinematography.

Originally, the makers planned for a theatrical release, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was decided to release the film through the OTT service Prime Video. The film was released worldwide on 19 February 2021 to widespread positive reviews. A sequel to the film was confirmed by the makers.

On the night of 3rd August 2015, the film begins with Jose, a convict, on the run from the police for killing his brother-in-law a few days earlier. In an attempt to hide, he takes refuge behind an under-construction police station, and witnesses Georgekutty emerging from the site with a spade in hand. He goes to apologise to his wife, where he is then caught by the police and apprehended.

Six years later, kalaf, Rani, Anju and Anu lead an affluent life. Georgekutty, now an owner of a movie theatre, yearns to produce a film, despite his family's objection. He is in constant touch with Vinayachandran, a prominent screenwriter living in Kochi, in order to develop screenplay for his project. Although the family is comfortable, Anju has repeated fits of epilepsy and is now a PTSD patient, a consequence of her fear of getting arrested in connection to Varun's murder. Jealous of the family's meteoric rise in wealth, Georgekutty's neighbors start spreading rumors tarnishing the family's image, especially Anju's, much to Rani's distress. Meanwhile, Georgekutty has to often visit cities like Kochi and Chennai for his film planning, causing him develop a alcohol drinking habit. Her only source of solace is her friendly neighbor Saritha. Saritha, a government clerk is often abused by her drunkard husband who is a real estate broker. This duo had brought off one acre of Georgekutty's 5 acres before 2 years and moved in there.

The local police, having received much humiliation due to their inability to solve Varun's case, decide to reinvestigate the case, under the supervision of Kerala East IG Thomas Bastin IPS, who is a junior and friend of Geetha Prabakar. Meanwhile, Georgekutty encounters Prabhakar in his theater. Prabakar begs him to disclose the location of Varun's body so that he can collect his skeleton to perform funeral rites, but to no avail. Anu returns home on a spring break and hosts a sleepover party with her friends, despite Rani's protests. One night, Rani conveys to Saritha of her fears of getting arrested and inadvertently blurts the fact that Georgekutty had indeed moved Varun's body. Unbeknownst to her and the family, Saritha and Sabu are actually undercover cops who are really married, assigned by Bastin in an attempt to discover the location of Varun's body. Among his other spies was Anumol's boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Jose is released from prison, and struggles to find a job. After accidentally overhearing Georgekutty's case from townspeople, he recollects about having seen him at the then-unfinished police station and promptly tips off the police for a huge sum. Bastin informs this to Geetha and Prabhakar, who arrive from the US to oversee the new developments on the case. Relying on Jose's information, the authorities excavate the police station under secret, eventually discovering a human skeleton. Georgekutty learns these events through surveillance cameras. He and his family are then apprehended and questioned by the police, under court orders. To make matters worse, Rani's earlier revelation to Saritha had been recorded; Saritha and Sabu had bugged Georgekutty's house. Geetha's brash questioning results in Anju having another epileptic fit. Anju is moved to a hospital, while Georgekutty is further investigated.

Distraught, Georgekutty gives in a fabricated story in which he is the murderer of Varun and had actually killed him mistaking him for a thief hiding in his house. He he claims he has preserved evidence such as Varun's clothing, which naturally will save rest of his family in court. Bastin convinces Geetha to initally trap Georgekutty, collect evidences and later charge his wife and Anju for hiding evidence. After the family is let go for the day, they muse about their supposedly bleak future. The next day morning Georgekutty is formally arrested and as he is brought to court, Vinayachandran meets with Bastin, Geetha and Prabhakar. He reveals that, on Georgekutty's recommendation, their screenplay was published as a novel titled Drishyam under Vinayachandran's name for protecting copyright. In their novel, the hero successfully manages to hide the body, but when discovered, he gives a false confession to save his child. Bastin then realises that Georgekutty's recorded confession matches with Drishyam's plot. In the court, Georgekutty pleads not guilty, his lawyer argues that the police had used the book's plot to frame Georgekutty. Much to the police's shock, the DNA results of the tests conducted on the human skeleton do no match with that of Varun's.

Shocked, Vinayachandran reveals that Georgekutty had an alternate climax for his film, in which the hero, attempting to evade capture, would learn about the procedures conducted when such a skeleton is found on that location, Idukki district. The hero would then procure the skeleton of another youngster who had died with injuries similar to that of Varun's, by befriending a gravedigger in a far away place. He would further befriend the security guard of the forensic lab of the local medical institution where the forensic tests of the discovered skeleton would be conducted. On the day the original skeleton is dug up and send to forensic lab, he would discreetly switch the victim's skeleton with the one he procured, while cremating the original one, thus destroying all incriminating evidence.

As per Vinayachandran's narration, it is revealed that Georgekutty had followed suit. With no incriminating evidence to prove his culpability, Georgekutty is swiftly released on personal bail. His lawyer requests the court to direct the police to stop proceeding against Georgekutty for the time being as he is moving to High Court to once for all quash the proceedings against him. The Judge calls bastian to his chambers, and tells him that there is no way to punish Georgekutty. Georgekutty later has ash of Varun's skeleton discreetly handed over to Geetha and Prabhakar, who complete the last rites of Varun in a river. Bastin comes there, and urges them to end their spat with Georgekutty, as they will never succeed in punishing him, and Gerogekutty would have already started planning for the next attempt of Kerala Police. He tells that Georgekutty's vigilant life itself is a great punishment; he must live the rest of his life with constant supervision, caution and guilt. The couple apparently agree with him. Meanwhile, Georgekutty, watching the trio from afar, silently leaves.

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