10 Apr 2021

Joji [2021] [Asia] [India]

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Information about the Movie:
Joji [2021] [Asia] [India]
Joji 2021 India Dileesh Pothan Fahadh Faasil Dileesh Pothan Unnimaya Prasad  Crime, Drama
Title: Joji
Year: 2021 Country: India
Durasi: Minutes Genre: Crime , Drama Rating IMDB: 8,3 dari 10
Director: Dileesh Pothan
Casts: Fahadh Faasil , Dileesh Pothan , Unnimaya Prasad
Premise: Joji, an engineering dropout and the youngest son of a rich family lives with his aspirations of becoming super wealthy. Driven by greed and blind ambition, he decides to execute his plans following an unexpected event in the family.
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Official Trailer:

Joji is a 2021 Indian Malayalam-language Black comedy crime drama film directed by Dileesh Pothan and written by Syam Pushkaran. The story is inspired from K.G.Georges Irakal(1985), William Shakespeare's Macbeth and the Koodathayi Cyanide Murders. Film is produced by Bhavana Studios in association with Working Class Hero, and Fahadh Faasil and Friends company. Fahadh Faasil plays the title character, while Baburaj, Shammi Thilakan, and Unnimaya Prasad play other pivotal roles. The film released through the OTT service Amazon Prime Video on 7 April 2021.

Joji (Fahadh Faasil), an engineering dropout, is the youngest son of Panachel Kuttappan (V. P. Sunny). Joji and his brothers, Jomon (Baburaj) and Jaison (Joji Mundakayam), lead a life of fear under their very strict but wealthy father. One day, Kuttappan has a stroke, following which he is paralyzed and admitted to a hospital. With the brothers expecting their father to pass away, everyone in the house begins to live stress free lives and takes from the wealth their father never gave them. The brothers decide to sanction a surgery, which is successful. This brings a recovering Kuttappan back into the house, albeit in a wheelchair. This gets everyone in the house back into their old ways. After his father chokes and ridicules him when he asks him for money, Joji decides to kill his father, and begins to replace Kuttappan’s daily medication with lethal pills. This is witnessed by Bincy (Unnimaya Prasad), Jaison’s wife, who does not divulge the truth as she and Jaison too secretly wish for Kuttappan’s death. Joji’s plan works and Kuttappan dies.

Jomon, who becomes an alcoholic after his father’s demise, bursts firecrackers at the funeral procession, claiming his father would not have wanted a depressing death. This leads the family into a mild controversy with the church priest, Father Kevin (Basil Joseph). Jomon also refuses to partition in the family’s wealth, saying it is disrespectful to the spirit of their father. Despite wanting the partition, Joji sides with Jomon. After Joji accidentally lights fire to a wall next to the pond while destroying the evidence of lethal pills, he lies to Jomon that he does not go there to smoke. Jomon later catches this lie of Joji’s during a fight with Thotta Sudhi (Dhaneesh Balan), who witnessed Joji’s apathetic walking towards the house as Bincy was crying out when Kuttappan died. Realizing Joji is hiding something, Jomon attacks him, and Joji subdues him using an air gun that belonged to the former’s son, Popy (Alister Alex), and throws a handmade bomb at him, killing him. Joji provides a statement to the police that makes it look like Sudhi was responsible for Jomon’s death.

Over the next few days, Jaison notices weird changes in Joji’s behavior, including him becoming overtly religious, as Bincy begins to question the possibility of Joji’s involvement in Jomon’s murder as well. During autopsy, the police find the lead pellets from the gun in Jomon’s body, and Popy realizes that Joji was the only other person who knew of the gun, which was purchased with money stolen from Kuttappan. The family confronts Joji, who continues to deny these claims. Eventually, realizing he will not get away, Joji blackmails Jaison with money that he had given the latter, to stand with him, but Jaison refuses. Having no way out, Joji attempts suicide by firing the air gun to his pterion. He, however, survives and wakes up in the hospital, paralyzed. When the DySP asks a bedridden Joji to confess to his crimes by blinking his eyes, Joji does not blink.

When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.
Saat kamu menginginkan sesuatu, seluruh alam semesta akan bersatu membantumu meraihnya.

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