5 Apr 2021

Judy [2019] [West] [UK]

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Information about the Movie:
Judy [2019] [West] [UK]
Judy 2019 UK Rupert Goold Finn Wittrock Renée Zellweger Rufus Sewell  Biography, Drama, History
Title: Judy
Year: 2019 Country: UK
Durasi: 118 Minutes Genre: Biography , Drama , History Rating IMDB: 7.2 dari 10
Director: Rupert Goold
Casts: Finn Wittrock , Renée Zellweger , Rufus Sewell
Production Company: Roadside Attractions / LD Entertainment / Pathé
Cast and Crew: Rupert Goold (director); Tom Edge (screenplay); Renée Zellweger, Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell, Michael Gambon

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Official Trailer:

Judy is a 2019 biographical drama film based on the life of American actress Judy Garland. Directed by Rupert Goold, it is an adaptation of the Olivier- and Tony-nominated West End and Broadway play End of the Rainbow by Peter Quilter. The film stars Renée Zellweger as Garland, with Jessie Buckley, Finn Wittrock, Rufus Sewell, and Michael Gambon in supporting roles.

The film follows Garland's career during the last year of her life, when she relocated her stage career to Britain, coupled with flashbacks of her teenage years, most prominently the filming of her part as Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz, Garland's most iconic role. After some initial success in a run of sell-out concerts at the Talk of the Town in London, her efforts eventually stop making progress and even start to worsen as her health deteriorates.

Judy premiered at the Telluride Film Festival on 30 August 2019, and was theatrically released in the United States on 27 September 2019, and in the United Kingdom on 2 October 2019. It grossed $44 million worldwide and received generally positive reviews, with praise for Zellweger's performance. For her portrayal of Garland, Zellweger won the Academy Award for Best Actress, as well as the Golden Globe Award, SAG Award, and BAFTA Award.

At the outset of the film, Judy Garland is 15 years old and is being told by MGM (Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer) studio head, Louis B. Mayer, that she has a gift other girls do not. Judy's talent at singing is nearly unmatched while she is able to surpass the success of Shirley Temple as a Hollywood child star. Judy is then shown in her forties, performing with her two children from her marriage to Sidney Luft, her third husband. Later, Judy and her children try to check into their hotel but are turned away for previous nonpayment. Because of this, Judy is forced to return home to Luft, who has since divorced her.

At a party, Judy meets Mickey Deans, a nightclub owner, and they become friends. In a flashback to her teenage years with Mickey Rooney, her studio minder interrupts a date to give Judy amphetamines to help control her appetite and thus keep her weight down. The action returns to 1968, with Judy seeing an agent who tells her that Britain is open to her, but that the US reception to her has cooled due to her performance unreliability and moodiness. Judy decides to embark for the UK, leaving her two children with Luft, which is difficult for her.

In the UK, substance abuse keeps her from performing reliably. Judy is late to her London première and assistants are called upon to check on her health and fix her make-up. The fans are enthusiastic and her performance is excellent. The film goes to another flashback to young Judy, who complains about being fed with pills to help her meet her schedule demands. Back in London in 1968, she is performing again and starts to sing the "Clang, clang, clang..." lyrics to "The Trolley Song" to loud applause.

Judy meets two adoring gay fans at the stage door on her way out and joins them for a late-night snack at their flat. They bond over their difficulties, and she sings "Get Happy" while one of the fans plays the piano. Deans comes to London on a surprise visit, which cheers her up. Judy still has trouble making her stage performances on time because of substance abuse and anxiety. Another flashback shows Mayer talking to her with Judy explaining that she is exhausted by her work schedule, and Mayer uses emotional abuse and physical intimidation to keep her in line.

Her sponsoring British agent has her examined by a voice specialist medical doctor. Judy says she had a tracheotomy two years ago, which weakened her voice. The doctor diagnoses physical and mental exhaustion, which requires rest for recovery. Her relationship with Deans is a support to her personal life, and they marry. He is her fifth husband. Judy still thinks about her children and suffers from being separated from them. The children, however, are happy in school in California. Deans has bad news about a money deal that fell through, which means she must stay in Britain in order to make ends meet. At her next performance, she passes out on stage and is heckled. Judy's singing engagement is terminated but she returns for a last night on stage, where she asks to perform one last song. She breaks down while singing "Over the Rainbow" but recovers with the encouragement of supportive fans and is able to complete the performance. Judy asks, "You won't forget me, will you?" to the audience, who applaud before she ends her performance by saying, "Promise you won't". The film's ends that Judy died six months later, in the summer of 1969, at the age of 47.

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